“The Real Deal”

After trying to treat my candida for years through various naturopaths, I am finally feeling like my old self again! Gone is the anger, depression, digestion issues, replaced by health and happiness. After listening to Evan's podcast, I was hooked, and knew he could help me. He is a great listener, and he has excellent insight into gut issues. His method is very logical, where he treats infections, hormones, stress levels, and digestion, rather than focusing on one body system alone.

— S.G.

“More energy less pain”

I had been doing AIP for a year or so to help manage my arthritis pain. I listened to one of Evans podcasts about gut health and testing, it all made a lot of sense and felt like the next piece of the jigsaw. I contacted Evan and it was such a relief to have someone explain what to do next! We have worked on adrenals and gut infections and following his program I have more energy, no brain fog, blood sugars are more stable and my joint pain has definitely decreased!

— Hannah


“Figured out what our GI Doc could not”

My son was suffering from terrible reflux and pain in his stomach. We spend 8 months and $5k working working with our GP and specialist to find the cause. The result was a generic diagnosis of IBS. They also told us to take him to a therapist because the condition was likely caused by anxiety. Thank God we didn't stop there. With two lab tests, Evan Brand figured out that my son has 7 different gut infections including a parasite. It was not in his head after all. I am so grateful we found Evan.

— Doug G.

“Life changing”

I'm not one to write reviews but I'll make an exception because my experience with Evan and a few other functional medicine practitioners has been life changing. I have been watching his videos/radio show and a few others for over a year and soon realized I could implement everything he teaches but I need the lab results to form a plan of action. Evan and his team are professionals in what they do. I have seen dramatic improvements in my health with no side effects. Truly, thank you, Evan.

— Eddie O.


“Finally regular & now pregnant!”

After the birth of my son in 2014 I found myself dragging. I was eating properly but just felt off. Like most mom's I blamed it on motherhood. I have always tried new supplements hoping to find the fix. Finally in 2016 I decided I was done wasting $ trying to fix myself. Evan helped me consolidate and improve my supplements along with a gut detox that has helped so much! I now poop 1 or 2x a day (unheard of!) and my months of infertility are over! Expecting baby #2 in Sept. Yes! 

— J.Q.

“Well-versed, Personable & Accessible Practitioner”

Evan is definitely ahead of most Practitioners in the field of Alternative Medicine for conditions that go unrecognized and therefore untreated by conventional medicine. Kudos for organizing the conference on one of the most important of such conditions - The Adrenal Reset Summit. I am pleased to have had the opportunity to directly talk to him on one of his 15 min free sessions; I booked my first appointment and am looking forward to it. The one point of contact model of Not Just Paleo is great

— Z.R.