Stress Solutions Program


Stress Solutions Program

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Stress Solutions Chapter Outline:

1) Types of Stress: Nutritional, Environmental, Physical, Emotional

2) The Sum of Stress: How Stress Affects Your Mind, Mood, and Mojo

3) Neurotransmitters and Stress

4) How to Eat for Hacking Stress

5) Acceptance of Stress

6) Stress Busting 101: Biohacks and Basic Therapies for Stress

7) Stress Busting 201: Biohacks and Advanced Strategies for Stress

Total Pages: 73

"Evan’s Stress Solutions is a wonderfully put together Program from a person who truly has a passion for not only the health and well-being of himself, but a true heart to help others. Stress Solutions is practical, specific, and uses real examples that empower us to appropriately deal with stress, calm our system, and take charge of our life! This is a must read for everyone! Thank you Evan Brand for making true health and happiness the way to live!"

– Mara Kalow Gunnison, Colorado

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