#301 Wendy Myers on Breast Implant Illness and Removal


Wendy Myers is a client of mine that had a list of symptoms so large it couldn’t fit on one piece of paper. Turns out that after fixing her parasite and other gut infections AND removing her breast implants, she was able to literally heal from all but two or three of her health symptoms and complaints.

You can’t afford to miss this episode as you or someone you know may be suffering from breast implant illness.


Check out Wendy’s Blog: https://thesensitivesoulblog.com/

#299 Dr. Justin and Evan on Gallbladder Optimization


Today We Discuss:

  • How do parasite and H pylori infections affect digestion and gallbladder function?

  • Why you must address gallbladder health to succeed with mycotoxins and mold exposure

  • Gallbladder support nutrients

  • What to do if you don’t have a gallbladder

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#298 JW Biava on Moldy Homes and Testing


JW is a Chemical Engineer, Certified Mold Inspector, and Certified Mold Remediation Contractor with over 20 years of experience in environmental laboratories. His passion for helping people diagnose and correct mold-related issues stems from his susceptibility to mold, which has created numerous health symptoms throughout his life. Through ImmunoLytics, JW has assisted thousands of individuals regain their health.

Today We Discuss:

  • Is there a safe place to live in the USA to avoid mold and mycotoxins?

  • How common are mold issues in homes?

#296 Dr. Stephanie Ray, ND on Detoxification Protocols, Motor Tics, Chlorine


BIORAY® utilizes the balance of nature and science to create safe and effective liquid herbal supplements that support health, vitality and the environment. BIORAY® products were created in clinic and are manufactured by integrating clinically tested ingredients with proprietary methods.

Dr. Stephanie Ray, ND, CNHP, BCN, and Dr. Timothy Ray, OMD, L.Ac. (retired) opened their first clinical practice in Santa Monica, California in 1990. They produced unique remedies specialized for conditions related to environmental illnesses and formulated to work synergistically to strengthen and revitalize the entire body.

In 1991 their original formulas, Red Rooster®, Lady Passion® and Loving Energy®, were part of an informal study with couples and healthy libido function. The outstanding results were reported in the Sunday London TimesNew Women Magazine and FHM.

Since then, Stephanie and her team continue to research and publish their findings:

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BIORAY® is a founding sponsor of Generation Rescue's Family Grant program which has helped over 1,300 children with biomedical interventions. BIORAY® is also a major donor for Documenting Hope, a formal IRB study showing how integrative practices can recover our kids from environmental symptoms and issues.

“I believe symptoms are our guide; they’re not scary. The body is a beautiful organism that comes into perfect balance with good food, water, movement, healthy thoughts, and herbs.”

Stephanie Ray, ND, BCN, CNHP 
CEO & President of BIORAY


  • How to detox chlorine

  • Autism, motor tics, and behavior issues tied into toxin overload

  • Why golfers are so toxic

  • How to detox using NDF Plus and Liver Life