The Importance of a To-Do List


Hi Everyone, a digital to-do list has been one of the best additions to my life. It's a critical item for my personal productivity. I use it for keeping up with: to do list

  • Website and Blog design
  • Article ideas relevant and necessary to spread to you all. Sometimes my ideas come to me while acting them out, or in the mind-race right before or after sleep.
  • I love getting contacted about specifics that I can help you with.
  • Job tasks that are not in the normal routine
  • Deadlines for work projects or meetings

The most important reason to use a to-do list is to keep up with all of the amazing things in life!!

  • Concerts or live performances
  • Festivals, conventions, fairs, picnics or any other social event (go talk to people!) That's why you have the ability
  • Plans with friends for bike riding, park adventures, mini-trips and vacations

Warning: The best times in life usually come when you least expect it!

Long post short, start a to-do list! At least try it, our phones these days have apps for this. I personally don't use any specific app for to-do lists. I find them cluttering. All you need is a simple blank sheet with bullet points and the ability to bold more important things.

Keeping a stack of sticky-notes around your computer screen or on your desk will drive you crazy!! It's so much more efficient and minimal to keep it saved on your phone.

Email yourself the list to yourself and read it on the computer.

This helps your thoughts and items not get lost on the tiny screen of your phone. It's better to read important things on the computer. It makes you take it more serious than just scrolling on your phone.

Don't forget to check your list and update or delete items.Check your to-do list frequently at first so you will make it a habit to use it.

Hopefully you will notice the reduced anxiety about keeping up with the everlasting list we create for ourselves these days. I prefer the slower, more savory pace of life, sometime we just experience a rush and buildup of things. They always seem to come at once, or when you start saving up your money!

Thanks for reading and check your phone for a notepad and start typing away!