Podcast #175 Justin Kietzman on HERD - Saving The American Buffalo Documentary Kickstarter


Today we are talking with Justin Keitzman who is a documentary filmmaker looking to fund a kickstarter campaign called Herd - Saving The American Buffalo, which is a feature-length documentary. Justin and his partner are passionate about the bison slaughter that happens each year at Yellowstone National Park. He was invited to the "media day" where he was driven in a bus along with other videographers and media outlets to observe the bison roundup process where park workers rounded up the bison into a maze contraption where they can squeeze the bison into an immobile state to take blood samples.

Justin mentioned that while he was there trying to film, they were forced to stay in the bus and were expected to film through a glass window, while facing the sun, an intentional process to hide the full view of the event in the Stephens Creek bison trap in Yellowstone.

He mentioned that young bison, presumably first year of life bison, among pregnant female bisons were also being rounded up to be carted away and slaughtered the next day.

The goal and intention of this podcast is to shed more light on this issue, help Justin with your contributions to the project and fund the Kickstarter campaign so that the documentary quality can be significantly improved.

The senseless slaughter of these sacred animals to make the state of Montana and its ranchers happy is absurd. The Bureau of Land Management is behind this operation as well since they allow cows to graze on public lands that should be exclusively used for park space and native habitat for animals that actually belong there.

Thanks for your support and allowing me to diverge from the usual podcast topics in the clinic to bring light to this issue. I hope you will visit the Kickstarter's website here and contribute, even 5 dollars to help fund this documentary!