The World's First EMF Summit Featuring Dr. Sam Milham


The World's First EMF SummitAn EMF Summit finally exists

If you've kept up with the blog and podcast, you're familiar with EMF and the potential effects it has on the human mind and body. If you're not familiar, EMF's are a type of frequency put off by our cell phones, WiFi, cell phone towers, electronic gadgets and simply the electricity that is running through our homes.

I've aired over 5 hours worth of content on how you can mitigate the risks of the modern technology-based world and still achieve health. I won't post all of the links here, but two of the guests for the EMF Summit that is going on until the end of this year include previous podcast guests Dr. Samuel Milham and Ann Louise Gittleman.

How to sign up

Go to the EMF Summit website and sign up for free access to their presentations. I'm most excited to hear them two speak on what we need to know and how to live with technology safely.. of course the other presenters have valuable information as well.

Why should we care

The podcast episodes on EMF are by far the most downloaded episodes on my program.. and for good reason, we've never questioned how these tech gadgets and toys we use everyday play a role in our health and happiness. The science is slowly emerging on this controversial topic, but I have personal evidence that a simple action such as turning your WiFi off at night can help you achieve deeper and more restful sleep. According to the experts, dreaming is a good sign of detoxification. After turning off my wireless router every night, I've dreamt much more.

Sign up here for the video series and please share this with your friends and family. We are all affected by these potentially silent threats to our health.