Podcast #23 Willpower, The Problems with 30 Day Diets and Essential Habits with Jason Seib of Everyday Paleo

Jason Seib and Sarah Ferguso are behind the site Everyday Paleo.

Today's Guest

Jason is a coach, trainer, owner of Clackamas Physical Conditioning and fellow fitness and nutrition research geek.He loves to research and see how studies and n=1 experiments pan out in his training facility.

The Show

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This was one of my favorite episodes. Probably because I am so involved in the psychology behind progress when trying to make great change in your life. It all starts in the mind, which is the reason that Jason and I had such a great time on this episode.

Today we discuss

  • We cover some of the reasons that "just doing Paleo" will never work
  • Why you should get rid of your scale (common theme eh?)
  • How baby steps are the keys to success
  • How the brain interferes with your progress
  • You don't need bullet points to convince you to listen to this episode. It's important for everyone to listen! It will make you happy to listen to this one.

Jason can be found at everydaypaleo.com, on Facebook and on twitter.

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