Why Paleo Sounds Like a Trend.. It's Not

Anytime that an eating plan, exercise routine or certain food that guarantees health receives attention or a special name, people automatically assume it's a fad. I admit, some diets and plans for fitness and health are usually silly scams that have a potential to make you starve yourself, deplete yourself nutritionally and give you problems instead. Paleo is not a fad, trend or diet; It’s a lifestyle.

There are many charts showing your recommended diet including the famous pyramid chart that is taught to your children. I was taught that same one and thought I should be eating mostly bread and cereal. My family says that throughout my young years they called me bread and butter. Oops!

The modern food pyramid doesn’t make sense.

The government issued pyramid is getting better, but they are still behind on their outlook on grains and wheat. Studies now have seen the side effects of grains.

My personal experience with grains is why I wrote this article. Once I highly reduced grains, breads etc, my bowels were much more normal.

There will be people that will ridicule your lifestyle and try to make it a joke, but it's very serious and rewarding for the individual. I would suggest you get away from those people, but they are usually the ones closest to you.

I sometimes carry a container with rice, berries and steak everywhere I go. If it's somewhere without a fridge, I will opt for beef jerky and almonds. I eat rice because my job and exercise routine take a ton of energy to do. This requires me to have more carbs than supplied by fruit and veggies alone.

Seeing the immediate loss in body fat along with clearer skin, I was convinced that Paleo is real. Like most, when I heard a name for this lifestyle, I had to investigate. What I found is the healthiest, happiest and positive people in this huge rising subculture.

A friend once told me, "the way of the future is the way of the past", it makes perfect sense, especially when it comes to food.

Once you begin the transition you will be tired, lethargic and sleepy for a little while. Your body is just used to food that is super loaded with sugar and simple carbohydrates. Most of mainstream food is very high-glycemic.

If you are questioned about your new or current lifestyle, the easiest way to describe your lifestyle and eating habits to someone is this; eat things that come from trees, bushes, vines and fields.

As I said before, there are no oreo trees, They come from a machine. This way of living and eating makes more sense than anything else I can think of.

I want to let you know that Paleo is a base for your life; the backbone of your existence. Everything else in your life has unlimited potential and can be achieved once you see and feel the results in your brain function, physical strength, energy and sleep habits. You will obtain the upper hand when facing any situation.

Warning: Joining the healthy movement of people eating at least somewhat paleo will make you hyperaware of unhealthy food around you. Looking at others grocery carts at the market will make you cringe; it’s okay, all you can do is try to educate those close to you.

The only thing that will prevent you from going crazy when you see the majority of people still eating disgusting non-nutritional food is to make friends with paleo-ish people. Some of my best friends are very health conscious and are the reason that I stay motivated and dedicated to my own life.

Would I still eat healthy and stay active if I didn’t have healthy friends? Absolutely.

It definitely helps your motivation levels. When you can say “I wanna climb up this tree” and have someone right behind you to push your feet up and join you, you know you have found the right type of friends.

Much love to all of you, I hope this post will help you stay on track and realize that Paleo is a base of life and is not a short term diet (even though you will see results from doing this short term)

Thank you for reading and I hope to talk to all of you soon

If you have any questions that you would like me to address on the podcast or blog feel free to email me at evan@notjustpaleo.com