#281 Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, Phd on 5G, WiFi, & Retroviruses


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Dr. Klinghardt studied medicine & psychology in Freiburg, Germany, completing his PhD on the involvement of the autonomic nervous system in autoimmune disorders. Early in his career he became interested in the sequelae of chronic toxicity (especially lead, mercury, environmental pollutants & electromagnetic fields) for the course of illness.

While working in India he encountered Eastern concepts of disease etiology & blended them with his Western training. This laid the foundation for his 5-level system of Integrative Medicine. In the US he spent three years as a full-time emergency physician before becoming Medical Director of the Santa Fe Pain Centre.

Increasingly aware of the limitations of conventional medicine when dealing with chronic conditions, he trained in Ericksonian hypnotherapy and began to include body-oriented psychotherapeutic & counseling approaches in his work, along with neural therapy, mesotherapy injection techniques & applied psychoneurobiology.

Dr. Klinghardt has contributed significantly to the understanding of metal toxicity & its connection with chronic infections, illness & pain. He has been instrumental in advancing various fields within biological medicine – non-invasive pain management, injection techniques for pain & orthopedic dysfunction, anti-aging medicine, toxicology, pediatrics (neuro-developmental disorders), energy psychology, biological dentistry, & others.

He has also developed Autonomic Response Testing, a comprehensive diagnostic system that has helped many practitioners to become accomplished holistic physicians.

He founded Sophia Health Institute in 2012, and is actively involved in patient care at his clinic.

Why I'm Not Buying the New iPhone


Hey, it's Evan. If you don't make it to the bottom of this post, watch my new video.

As you know, my background is in functional medicine and nutritional therapy.

That hasn't stopped me from investigating the research, and doing many experiments myself around the topic of EMF, or electromagnetic radiation.

We're talking about your cell phone, your WiFi router, cell phone towers, and your microwave to name a few sources.

The French government has completely banned WiFi from schools in an effort to protect children from potential damage.

The younger you are, the more susceptible you are to illness from EMF, due to a softer and more permeable skull.

What sparked this conversation...

Today, Apple announced the iPhone 7, a new Apple Watch and a new set of wireless earbuds called "Airpods".

Tim Cook, the CEO said, "The Apple Watch is the best device for a healthy life".


More technology is what we are missing?

Not more sunshine, fresh air, organic food, time with our loved ones, laughter and dancing?

Not less air pollution, less chemicals in the food, air, water and soil?

Not less WiFi hotspots and less cell phone towers that broadcast signal across 95%+ of the USA?

Have you seen the coverage map that cell phone carriers use as promotion?

What will we say 30 years from now?

Are we going to look back one day and find out that the people that lived in or near the areas in white, are the few that don't end up with side effects of this giant, global experiment in wireless technology and transmission?

Let me be clear.

My goal is not to instill fear.

My goal is to increase your awareness about an issue that is talked about rarely.

I have done several podcasts with EMF experts around the issue of cell phones, smart meters, and dirty electricity.

When I lived in Austin, TX, there were over 400 towers emitting wireless signal within a few mile radius of my home.

I had extremely restless sleep and frequent headaches.

When I moved back to Kentucky where there were less than 100 towers (which is still too many), my symptoms disappeared.

I have more questions than answers about all of this.

I do have a feeling research will conclude that wireless technology is "the new smoking".

I'm not going to wait 50 years for the mainstream media to announce it.

Here are a 10 steps to protect yourself:

1. Turn off your WiFi router at night before you sleep. Or go hardwired.

2. Put your phone on airplane mode if you must carry it on you.

3. Use speaker phone or an air-tube headset when making phone calls.

4. Prioritize text messaging over phone calls if possible.

5. Spend more time grounding yourself at the beach, in the soil, garden, etc.

6. Stay hydrated and use electrolytes.

7. Use antennasearch.com and enter your address to see how many towers are near you.

8. Don't let your kids use cell phones unless absolutely necessary.

9. Get rid of metal box springs under your mattress, which may act as an antenna for wireless signals.

10. Deny and refuse smart meter installation on your home.

>>> Here's my short, 3 minute explanation of the research and why I'm not buying or supporting more wireless technology... for now.

To health,

Evan Brand

Your curious friend, podcaster and functional medicine practitioner

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EMF 101


This will be an ongoing guide to discuss, diagnose and troubleshoot issues with electromagnetic frequencies, magnetic readings and other tools we can use to navigate the modern technological world.

What is EMF?

As noted from the World Health Organization:

Natural electromagnetic fields

Electromagnetic fields are present everywhere in our environment but are invisible to the human eye. Electric fields are produced by the local build-up of electric charges in the atmosphere associated with thunderstorms. The earth's magnetic field causes a compass needle to orient in a North-South direction and is used by birds and fish for navigation.

Human-made electromagnetic fields

Besides natural sources the electromagnetic spectrum also includes fields generated by human-made sources: X-rays are employed to diagnose a broken limb after a sport accident. The electricity that comes out of every power socket has associated low frequency electromagnetic fields. And various kinds of higher frequency radiowaves are used to transmit information – whether via TV antennas, radio stations or mobile phone base stations.

Is excessive EMF dangerous?

Just like excessive anything in life, including toxic foods, skin care products and even water, the answer is it's possible. More studies are needed and demanded by scientists. The science points to potential links to autism and other issues here, here and here. Scientific studies are very expensive and hard to do without outside funding, but more studies appear in pubmed each day.

How can you measure EMF and other modern pollution?

EMF consults use a few different meters to measure multiple forms of electro-pollution such as:

Trifield 100XE EMF Meter Hf35c Rf Analyze (800mhz - 2.5 Ghz) - Perfect for Smart Meters Detection Stetzerizer Microsurge Meter

Eventually I will explain how to use these and what readings you want to look for. Before wasting your money on filters and other devices to clean up the electric and magnetic fields, you'll need to verify if you even have a problem to fix in the first place.

How do you fix dirty electricity and other modern pollution?

Cleaning up the electric field depends on a few very small companies. While I can't speak for them, I am desperate to get their products into the mainstream. These products include the following.

Stetzerizer Filter Greenwave Dirty Electricity Filters: Mobile Travel Kit (2 filters)

What are the effects and how else can we combat it?

Listen to the following podcast episodes including some of my friends and colleagues in health.

Dr. Jack Kruse on EMF and the biological effects

Dr. Jack Kruse on water dehydration and EMF 

Oram Miller on EMF, WiFi and creating a healthy home 

Should I live in fear?

Absolutely not. We have so much power over our health and happiness. This is why this site exists!

What's next?

There's more information, studies and my personal trials to come.

I highly recommend unplugging your WiFi router at night and completely getting rid of it and using hardwired ethernet if possible. I've noticed a dramatic effect on dreams and sleep quality after doing some research for my book REM Rehab.

Pay attention to your emotions, physical and mental health and journal any noticeable changes. You are your own experiment and no two results will be the same. The season, what you eat, your DNA, your location on the planet and numerous other variables play a role in how your genes are expressed and what happens to you.

Please comment with any questions, personal experiments or other thoughts below!