3 Simple Tips To Lose Weight And Become Healthier When You're Too Busy


3 Simple Tips To Lose Weight And Become Healthier When You're Too BusyLife in the 21st Century is speeding up. People are hyper-connected, over-scheduled and under-relaxed. It's quite the conundrum we're in. How can you lose weight, become healthier, develop a new eating routine, find time to exercise and have enough time to give love to your spouse and family? Oh, and don't forget about the work week.

It's no surprise that many of my clients are facing the same issues:

I don't have enough time to relax, I'm just too busy right now.

I want to eat healthier but I just can't stop my addiction to sugar, it's really worrying me.

I can't sleep at night, the stress is killing me.

These are just a few of the recent TOCs (Topics of Concern) that have surfaced. If you resonate with any of these, realize you're not alone.

You can assume that if you're struggling, so are thousands and thousands of other people.

So what do you do?

First, I want you to take an average size breath, inhaling through the nose, hold it, now exhale out of your mouth while parsing your lips like you are exhaling through a martini straw.

Repeat this a couple times.

You should feel a profound sense of awareness and relaxation beginning to take over. This is the parasympathetic state. Your nervous system enjoys being in this state.

This is the default state of our nervous system if we are living according to the laws of nature. Unfortunately our modern way of life and the natural laws set by our ancestors are very far apart. Don't give up hope yet, we have great potential.

Take a warm bath twice per week

How does taking a warm bath help you lose weight? By inducing relaxation. I encourage you to add 1 cup of epsom salt and bubble bath. It can be the extra detail that makes your bath THAT much more rejuvenating. It would also benefit you to use a bath water filter and/or Vitamin C dechlorination tablets. It takes a few investments, but your skin will feel much better. Clients with eczema and other skin related issues have seen a noticeable reduction in symptoms after filtering the toxins out of the contaminated tap water. Dr. Ford and I cover eczema in detail here if you need help.

Take a warm bath with epsom salts and bubble bath for 15-20 minutes twice per week.

This simple action will be a catalyst for reducing your stress hormone levels and enhancing detoxification. Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) has the ability to pull out toxins from the body while leaving you relaxed and ready to cuddle with your loved one.

For the client who can't sleep at night, a prescription of warm baths was enough to shift her mindset towards relaxation at night. Instead of becoming depressed and stressed thinking about tomorrow's tasks, she was able to calm her mind and body down enough to settle into a slumber. This is the beauty of the natural world. Water has healing qualities both inside and out. Which leads us to the next key point..

Drink more spring water

While some may begin to reduce stress with baths, therefore inducing a lower stress response and giving the body the ability to burn fat, some people are just plain dehydrated. Drinking more spring water is an essential part of any weight loss and detoxification program.

Water makes up 55-60% of our total body mass. The body can produce 8% of its daily water needs through metabolic processes but the remaining 92% of our water intake must come from beverages we drink and foods we eat. Water is found in all tissues of the body. Water improves oxygen delivery to our cells and acts as a transporter vehicle for nutrients. Waste removal and digestive processes are a water-intensive process. To flush out toxins that may be stored in our fat cells, we need water.

As you've just learned, many bodily processes require water just as a car requires fuel for it's operation. You can think of adequate hydration as lubing up your engine and cleaning out the gunk that is preventing your engine from operating at full efficiency. After all, water improves cellular communication. If your body's cells can talk to each other, they can begin to increase their detoxification capability, leading to toxin (weight) loss.

Most people in the alternative health community are fans of herbal teas, coffee and other assortment of naturally-caffeinated beverages. I am much happier to see tea on someone's food journal than a soda, but they both act as diuretics. Consuming any of these beverages adds to daily requirement for water consumption. Add in the amount of sweating and natural water loss that occurs throughout the day from respiration and exercise and it's easy to see how dehydrated we can become.

Dr. Batmanghelidj, or Dr. Batman if you can't pronounce his full last name, wrote a book called Your Body's Many Cries For Water that should be on your bookshelf.

In this book, there are incredible stories from his patients and their incredible weight loss progress and health improvements achieved simply by drinking more water. 

He even goes as far as to claim that many diseases and hospital visits are actually just the result of chronic dehydration. After reading this book, you won't want to leave the house without your sacred thermos full of spring water.

Nutritional Therapists can make general recommendations about water consumption:

Take your body weight divided by 2. This is the minimum number of ounces you should drink each day. 

A 160 pound person should drink at least 80 ounces a day. That's a little over 3 of your 24 ounce sport bottles. Sip throughout the day, don't chug. Make sure the water is spring water. It not, make sure it's at least carbon filtered.

Eat more fat

If you find someone making blanket recommendations for the specific macronutrient percentage you should be eating, run away. People have widely different metabolic rates and should not follow the same protocol most of the time.

An 85% fat diet may work for some people, while switching to that same diet quickly may put a heavy burden on someone's gallbladder and liver and make them feel nauseous. If you experience this, lemon water before a meal may help.

Generally speaking, if you'll allow me to bend my own rule a little bit, we all could use more fat. After seeing a "healthy food journal" that contained nothing but chicken breasts and spinach, I was not surprised that this client couldn't lose a pound!

If you don't consume dietary fat, your body thinks you're in a famine, so it holds onto fat to keep you alive.

If you want to get up right now and go enjoy a tablespoon of almond butter, I'll be right here when you get back.

To start the weight loss process, increasing your fat intake will do it. Your body will think, "The famine is over! Let's dump some of this belly fat!" So enjoy some grass-fed butter, coconut oil, MCT oil and grass-fed beef on your dinner plate each night.

If you really need help figuring out how diet relates to your mood, fat loss progress and sleep quality, my sleep program REM Rehab contains extensive coverage on it.

Don't be afraid of adding another tablespoon of grass-fed butter or coconut oil to your veggies. Avoid hydrogenated fats and oils at all costs. Coconut oil is your best friend for topical and internal use.

This is just part one

I wanted to really zoom in on some recurring issues from the newsletter community and there will be more zooming in to come.

Although I've covered dietary aspects of weight loss and health here and here, we can delve into these topics in the following weeks.

If you have specific concerns or topics you'd like covered here, please submit them here.

Use these simple but effective tips in your routine, along with anyone who will listen to you. They will be begging for your "secrets" when they see your results. These are habits of our ancestors that came with ease. Now we've got the chance to instill them once again.

Podcast #66 Dr. Jack Kruse on Why EMF Dehydrates You and the True Importance of Water & Reducing Electricity

Dr. Jack Kruse joins us to discuss dehydration, water, EMF and the extreme importance of reducing your electricity exposure.Today's Guest

Dr. Jack Kruse of JackKruse.com joins us on the show! Dr. Kruse has made several previous visits to the podcast here and here. This is a special episode as we are ready to launch into the 2014 Optimal Reset.

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Today we discuss

  • My recommended Nutritional vitamin supplement
  • Optimal Reset 2014
  • EMF and it's relationship to dehydration
  • Adrenal stress and why your adrenals don't matter in the equation
  • The brain's relationship to stress and how to fix it
  • How crucial is clean water to the human body?
  • Does food play a major role in health or is water and reducing EMF more important?

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Why We Should Stop Talking About Paleo Cookies and Focus on Water Instead


I'm writing this post because of the lack of true consciousness in the Paleo community.

If I am wrong about the lack of awareness of the real issues in food production and environmental issues, please comment and share the content with me below.

Here is the latest New York Times article calling the West Coast drought the worst in 500 years.

I believe this should be one of the main focal points for our future as a society. We should use our collective efforts in sharing and educating each other about these issues.

If we can apply the same passion we do to sharing recipes and new books on food, we should be able to do the same for the information that I'm going to be presenting in the next series of articles.

My last post was about the gluten-free madness which has some excerpts from an interview with Dr. Tom O'Bryan discussing how Paleo cookies and treats are just as bad, if not worse than normal sweets.

Today I want to help people understand the big picture of the importance of water.

Quite simply, without water, there will be no food.

Regarding the U.S. Water Supply where most of my readers are located, the average daily use of a family of four can be up to 400 gallons.

U.S. EPA - In the last five years, nearly every region of the country has experienced water shortages. At least 36 states are anticipating local, regional, or statewide water shortages by 2013, even under non-drought conditions.

36 out of 50 states are anticipating some sort of water shortage while the rest of the consciousness-promoting websites are only talking about how to satisfy our nostalgia for cookies that are Paleo-friendly!

This isn't something that Toyota Prius' and reusable grocery bags is going to fix.

It's not your fault.

Human nature is to put off problems until they are in your face. This is just part of the primal sprit.

We haven't had to face these issues on such a large scale before.

This is the first time that such a large, populous society has existed in this way. We have never depended on the global system for food, water, products and other resources.

Our dependence on oil and gasoline are the reasons behind some of the problem. Oil prices dictate our entire lives. From water prices to food prices, we are dependent on the oil and gas powered trucking industry to provide our food, water and resources.

If this system were to be damaged or broken, we would quickly see why the recommendations I'm talking about in this article are important.

As outlined in the book The Watchman's Rattle, the author discusses the relationship between 21st Century problems and the wiring of our brains.

In short, the author argues our brains are not able to comprehend the massive scale of the problems that we have on our plate. It's simply a matter of scale.

Once again, it's not your fault.

I use the analogy that we have closed our eyes for 50 years, woken up, open our eyes and dropped our jaws at the way our modern society operates! If you had to explain how your food gets to the grocery store to someone living off the land, it would all make sense.

I could go deeper into the terrifying numbers that are shown in the statistics across the United States and the rest of the world, but we have enough fear in our modern life. I will simply remind you that out of the 70% number that we hear about when it comes to the Earth's content of water, only 1% of that is available for drinking.

Attempt to divvy that 1% across 7,000,000,000 people and you see where the concern lies.

I am all for water conservation such as turning off the sink as you brush your teeth, switching your landscape to plants that use minimal water and getting less car washes each year, but this doesn't account for the large percentage of industrial and agricultural water usage.

Water problems will happen on a local level first.

Ancient civilizations have taught us a lot about the importance of water. A large number of cities in the US including where I used to live in Louisville, Kentucky (pictured below) and currently Austin, Texas are both situated on Rivers. These are just 2 examples of hundred year old cities that wouldn't have flourished without a water source, mainly for transportation.


I took a tour of the Louisville Water Company and learned about how it, and most other cities situated on rivers get their water. It was amazing to say the least.

With over a dozen dams controlling the flow of the Ohio, water shortages would be the last thing to happen to the city. It pumps all of its municipal water out of the river, filters out the sediment and then runs it through a treatment facility.

The natural occurrence of limestone in the ground throughout the Ohio Valley is what has led Louisville to being named the #1 City for best tasting tap water.

Granted, the government still forces the company to add sodium fluoride into the water supply (I asked), but that is a subject for another article.

If I could give advice to someone that takes the issue of water shortages to mind before they are forced to, move somewhere that has a local supply of water. 

The sign of hope for restoring the natural water supply within a local or regional area is the Savory Institute.

Their method is to use holistic land management and the influx of free-range animals on dry or desert areas to convert them back into fertile grasslands. This happens with the natural life cycle of animal waste and the conversion to organic material which supplies nutrients and water to the land.

Obviously, Las Vegas is the last place you would want to live when the water shortage really starts to accelerate!

If you are someone who's wanting to go "off-grid" or become more self-sustainable by growing and raising your own food, local water is even more important to you. I recommend finding a property that has a stream, pond or public source of water nearby. (Pic: Florida)

DSC_0323 (3)

If you are someone who just wants to get used to the way of life that seems inevitable for success and prosperity, go local with your food and water supply!

If we are to succeed with continuing our modern way of life, we will have to put more focus into reconnecting and educating each other about our cities natural water supply, it's state of health and how we can preserve it.

Next time you think about making a move, consider the water resources available for that area. If the city only survives because of semi-truck loads of water bottles being imported each day, you may want to pick a new destination!