3 Unique Side Effects of Self-Experimentation


3 Unique Side Effects of Self-ExperimentationSupplements, vitamins, herbs, alternative medicines and the many forms of self-experimentation such as meditation and sensory deprivation tanks are potent and have great potential. You should be careful with any alteration in your health or consciousness and stick to the motto that less is more. I've certainly experienced (maybe you have too) the feeling of, "I shouldn't have taken that".

Anyways, let's talk about some of the unique side effects of self-experimentation.

Established power over your health

When we are left feeling hopeless, depressed or powerless, we then resort to the mainstream medical industry for a savior. Often times, the antidepressants, mood stabilizers and various pharmaceutical concoctions that we leave the pharmacy with have potentially dangerous or uncomfortable side effects. Herbal remedies and other natural medicines may not have this side effect.

When we realize that the alternative medical industry is becoming exponentially powerful and that we have a say in our health and happiness, awareness occurs.

After experimenting with various herbs, vitamins and many other neuro-protecting compounds, I've discovered that our mind can function at a much higher level of operation. This higher level of function can be safe and beneficial for those experiencing a lack of motivation, inspiration and personal drive.

To get a more in-depth understanding of the underlying neurotransmitter mechanisms that are at play when ingesting these substances, read how to naturally boost your moods.

There are options and books that discuss many conditions that can be aided with natural medicine such as Herbal Antibiotics, Beginner's Guide to Herbal Medicines and Herbs for Stress and Anxiety.

Self-induced fear and anxiety

There are a few times I recall where I've had to face the fact that I created uncomfortable feelings in my head and body due to experimentation. For example, taking something like too many B-Vitamins can create jitters, anxiety and a racing mind/body. The key is that less is more for any and all supplements.

Taking a supplement you've never tried before can induce fear for some. If thorough research is done first, you shouldn't have anything to worry about. If you don't have time for research, my store has been filled with items for your mind, body and home that have been extensively researched and tested before recommending.

Several times I've rummaged through my supplement and herbal supply and have picked things for certain desired effects and moods. If I wanted to feel more energetic and uplifted, I would choose a particular herb. If I wanted to chill out but be more social, I may pick a different compound.

I'm in the research phase right now of my second action guide that helps people target specific conditions or moods they are trying to aid or achieve with the use of natural ingredients, therapies and other types of healing. Let me know in the comments if this would help you.

Long story short, there have been several times where I've been shocked and amazed at the potency of herbal medicines.

A new perspective on life itself

A few years ago when I got the news of my grandmother's stroke, my life was forever changed. Luckily, she had no real damage except for a temporary loss in strength in one of her arms. Now she is feeling fine. However, looking at the medical industry and how it operates in the flesh revealed the truth that you are not safe in their hands.

Her meals consisted of mainstream cereal, low-fat milk, sugar treats and miscellaneous processed and preserved meals. The small cardboard box of orange juice each morning was possibly the worst thing that she could have been given. This is when the revelation took place.

The revelation was that you have to be the leader in the health of yourself and your family. No one is coming to save you.

While the conventional medical industry may keep you alive, they will not help you thrive. If you do not seek out alternative medicine, naturopathic doctors or the extremely few amount of educated "paleo medical doctors", your treatment options may be limited in scope and effect.

After realizing this slightly scary but empowering fact, I was able to come into the hospital and bring her some real food. Just a simple bag of pistachios was enough to kickstart her recovery process. Both her spiritual and physical health began to improve after getting some real nutrients.

It's not a surprise that many people become worse off when spending time in the hospital due to the poor diet, dirty air, negative energy and other various detrimental aspects. As you will hear on my podcast with Dr. Joan Vernikos, the most important thing you can do for your health is to get out of the laying position and go to a standing position. This simple action of inducing gravity on the body can jump start your recovery from many ailments.

With the knowledge that I've gathered and provided for you with over 100+ hours of podcasts, you have the power in your hands to create great change in your health. While I can't help you force feed good foods from my food guide down your families throats in an attempt to save them, I can sure try with these articles! Please share this below and take charge of your health and mind today.. Okay that sounded like an infomercial, but really. Start now.