Podcast #90 Dr. Joan Vernikos On Space Missions and The Benefits Of Gravity


Dr. Joan Vernikos On The Benefits of GravityToday's Guest

Dr. Joan Vernikos is a well-known expert in stress and healthy aging. Since retiring from NASA as Director of Life Sciences following a career there as both a researcher and administrator, she has committed to bringing her knowledge and insights on healthy living to the general public. Check out her website here.

The show

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Today we discuss

  • How NASA and primal sitting habits relate
  • Why gravity is so good for you
  • How many times should we go from sitting to standing a day? (at least 25)
  • The difference between sitting for a long period of time with or without breaks
  • Sensory deprivation tanks and the potential benefits of gravity reduction
  • Roller coasters and other gravity inducing thrills are good for you!

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Podcast #48 Dr. Maxwell on Proper Sitting, Standing and Foundational Exercises



Today's Guest

Dr. Tony Maxwell is a licensed Chiropractor who specializes in sports injuries and helps Ironman athletes perform and heal at the highest level. With experience in active release therapy, Dr. Maxwell has the skills to assist almost any condition with the physical body.

The Show

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Today we discuss

  • The proper ways to sit and stand
  • Our society and the problems it creates for the physical body
  • Barefoot shoes and his Wife's experience in a clinical setting
  • Exercises every one should be doing every day

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