#247 Claus Pummer on The World's Healthiest Bed


Claus Pummer was born in Germany where he trained as a Master Cabinetmaker. Living and working in Switzerland where he earned a Master’s Degree in Furniture Design and Manufacturing, he perfected his skills. An entrepreneur at heart, he started his own woodworking shop in Germany then relocated to Canada where he immigrated in 1998. Naturally, his experience in designing and building beds as well as his personal interest in living a healthy lifestyle led him to the best brand out there, SAMINA. As a certified sleep coach, he studied under a world renown sleep expert through the Austrian Institute for Sleep Psychology. For nearly 20 years he has worked with SAMINA and is currently the Managing Director, SAMINA North America. A healthy sleep expert, he’s been enjoying his nightly sleep with the SAMINA Sleep System for many years and, especially from his travels and many nights in inferior beds can appreciate how superior his sleep and, importantly, how much more energized he is during his wakeful hours when he’s slept the night before with SAMINA.


Today We Discuss

  • Contact Claus for 10% off a SAMINA system when you mention "Evan Brand"
  • My experience with the SAMINA sleep system
  • The downsides of conventional bedding
  • EMF and metal box springs