Podcast #67 Vinnie Tortorich on the Simple Life, Beating Leukemia and Happy Relationships

Today's Guest

Vinnie Tortorich is an Author of the Book the Fitness Confidential and host of the popular Angriest Trainer Podcast.

He is a popular personal trainer and consultant for many celebrities in Hollywood and has had many personal struggles himself, including a diagnosis of leukemia. Vinnie also participates in long-distance cycling and other sporting events.

The Show

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 Today we discuss

  • Vinnie's podcast and story
  • Vinnie's experience in Hollywood
  • Are rich people really happier?
  • What's it like to work in Hollywood?
  • How did you get leukemia and how did you beat it?
  • What's it feel like to know you are alone in the world?
  • How can people have happy relationships and marriages?

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