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3 Simple Reasons Why Paleo Is Not Working For You

3 Reasons Why Isn't Paleo Working For You I've written 5 more reasons why paleo isn't working for you too.

Health coaches and "Paleo Experts" across the world will recommend Paleo as your solution for everything. But you can do Paleo and it still not work for you. If it worked all the time , I wouldn't be in business.

There's so much more to life than what you eat and how you move your body. While these two foundational pieces of a happy and healthy human can be enough to change someone's life, they aren't enough for my standards of health.

How you should feel

You should wake up with a positive mood, a good energy level (without caffeine) and the inspiration to face the world. You should feel resilient and in charge. You should feel ready to face the world and strong enough to do it.

Why paleo isn't enough

It's almost a bit rude to suggest that diet and lifestyle will be enough to fix all your ailments. There are entire industries built on this idea because it's simple to create, recommend and market. You can recycle the same diet and fitness advice and repackage it for profit.

However, in my 1-on-1 consulting experience, 90% of my clients have already been "doing Paleo" and exercising and still aren't happy with their results.

There is something else to the picture... is it sleep? Is it stress? Is it exercise? These are all good guesses but none of them are the focal point today.

You have social isolation

Social isolation is becoming a bigger issue every day. From social media and the "avatar-life" that's lived by those that frequently use Skype and other networking services, to stay-at-home moms that are lacking adult conversation and interaction, this is a forgotten roadblock to health.

You are more susceptible to illness and other virus' if you're socially isolated.

A study wanted to figure out if the act of hugging can provide stress-relief and act as a medicine? They looked at 404 healthy adults and injected them with a virus that causes a common cold.

Among infected participants, those that had greater perceptions of social support and received more frequent hugs predicted less severe illness symptoms.

Find someone to hug. Hug them long, often and passionately. Yes, hug your guy friends too fellas.

You're lacking nature

Over 54% of the the world's population lives in cities, up from 34% in 1960. This number is only going to go up. The cities are where all the action and jobs are! Many people are stuck into the city life whether they like it or not.

Many cities are adding more green space as a sort of "sanity sanctuary" to the concrete jungles across the world. Could you imagine New York City without Central Park?

It's simple. You come from nature and you're meant to be exposed to it on a daily basis. It's when you stray away from nature that illness occurs.

If you stray away from natural foods you suffer. If you stray away from natural movement you suffer. And most importantly, if you stray away from the natural world itself, you suffer.

Nature provides many beneficial compounds that keep us calm and collected. A group of plant compounds called phytoncides are your new secret weapon.

You're exposed to them when you're walking through the forest. But, you may not have access to a forest as much as you'd like. That's okay because I have a secret weapon for you to use.

A study took 12 men and put them in a hotel room with various bottles of essential oils. Sounds like quite the sniffing party. They used hinoki cypress stem oil in case you want to replicate it.

I've written about essential oils before.

The results were astounding! NK killer cells and anti-cancer proteins, (yes, anti-cancer) were greatly increased. The two stress hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline were found to be much lower after using the oils.

I use and recommend essential oils for inhalation and topical use.

Here's a basic organic essential oils kit to get you started.

You're beating yourself up

Clients come to me first through complimentary consultations. 90% of them have at least this one common factor. They beat themselves up emotionally, physically and spiritually. They think lowly about themselves and tend to feel empty, depressed or even hopeless.

There are many factors we can discuss during your consult, but the fact is simple.

If you think like garbage, you're going to feel like garbage.

Whether you're binge eating due to emotional stress or because you've pushed yourself too hard in the gym, there is another cause that's often ignored.

You're thinking negatively.

In a study of 55 adolescents, those that showed greater negative thought scores from the questionnaires were more likely to have eating disorders and eating disorder tendencies.

Don't put yourself down if you make a mistake.

We're all human and we're all working on making ourselves better. The vicious cycle of thinking negative, making negative choices and feeling even worse from those decisions can be a ruthless process that destroys your health and happiness.

I'd like to prescribe a healthy dose of forgiveness. It's good for your heart to forgive.

Forgive yourself. Forgive your spouse. Forgive your ex. Forgive your boss. Forgive your naysayers.

A lifestyle rich in forgiveness will empower you to chase life without fear and the weight of the past on your shoulders.

Eventually the anchors of anger and pent-up emotion will sink your ship. Cut the chains and free yourself. You can do it.

You now have 3 more pieces to the puzzle. Keep collecting them and finding a place for them to fit... cause there's more to come.

What are some pieces you've discovered? Comment below.

Introducing The Not Just Paleo Wellness Program


At this time 5 years ago, I was trying to figure out whether I should run to the bathroom or head to class. I was in college, feeling the first-hand effects of stress and food sensitivities. I just ignored it at the time. My awareness of my symptoms was there, but I didn't think it was that big of a deal.

After my energy levels continued to plummet, I knew there was a connection. I had to miss out on classes, would only make it halfway through some of them, had to jump in and out of the class and more. When you get in a habit of doing something, it doesn't seem abnormal to you. But, that was far from normal and it took me to become fully exhausted and depressed to realize that.

Why The Not Just Paleo Wellness Program?

After I pulled the breads, pastas, bagels and other garbage and gut-irritating foods from the diet, I was still depressed. My energy levels were still much lower than almost everyone around me. Even my grandparents seemed to outpace me and I couldn't understand why!

I was doing everything I was told:

  • "Just eat right and exercise"
  • "Just get more sleep take some protein powder"
  • "It's all in your head"
  • "You're just in a growing spurt"

While all of these things made a little bit of sense, they definitely didn't add up to enough to explain the 80-year old man energy levels as a college student. I began to take more steps towards health by changing the genre of music I listened to, finding something more peaceful and relaxing. Jazz music became my new favorite. I was able to experience some new thought patterns that allowed me a new perspective on my situation.

What brought the old me back wasn't the diet and exercise, it was all the other little pieces that added up.

Leaning a bit more on my girlfriend at the time, who is now my wife, she assured me that I was going to be okay, and she meant it. That simple statement was enough to calm me down, since a lot of the irritable bowel issues were linked to stress and the worry about the issue itself. It was a vicious cycle that had to stop.

Allowing myself some distance from the situation started to create a greater gap in the frequency of episodes. I went from multiple times a day of gut distress to once or twice per week. This was a gift from god! I was finally able to enjoy myself without having to first figure out where the bathroom was. A huge sign of relief!

Once I discovered probiotics and began adding them into my supplement regimen, things really took a turn for the better. I began to have less acne, less bloating and more energy. These pills were the magic ones I've been searching for.

But, after all of this, I was still depressed. My outlook on life was poor at best. Who said diet and exercise makes health AND happiness? Not me.

The real answers came when I began to love myself, to accept my faults and cherish my struggles, as there were so many things I should be grateful for.

The real turning point that played a huge role in my mindset shift that allowed me to create this program was this:

As I was walking towards class, I saw a guy about my age who was lost. He was standing at the intersection of a few different sidewalks spinning around trying to get his boundaries straight. He was blind.

I approached him and said, "hey bud, do you need help?"

He responded, "yes! please! I'm trying to get back over to the SAC (student activity center)".

"Okay no problem" I said, "come this way" as I grabbed his arm.

We hit it off like best buds, a frequent occurrence that's happened throughout my life. I've always had a way of connecting with people almost instantly. You would have thought we were related by our conversation and strut.

As you know, I'm a curious guy, always have been. I began to ask him what life is like when you can't see anything?

He talked about how he trips and falls sometimes when navigating new territory. A lot of sidewalks don't have ramps and the drop-off caused him to fall down more than once. But it was what he said next that caused me to tear up...

He said, "but you know what, my hearing is excellent! The sound of the birds keeps me happy no matter where I am on campus. They sing such beautiful songs!". I immediately smiled and teared up at the same time, allowing my focus to shift to the sounds of the birds, something that had just been background noise to me at the time.

"You're right!" I said. "I guess I didn't pay that much attention to them. I always have my headphones in."

We had arrived at our destination and ended up sitting down and talking together about life. He gave me plenty of stories of how people talk about him and make fun of him. Since his hearing is so much better than the average persons, he can hear them long after they think he can.

They'd be a good 50 feet away and he could pick up their conversation with ease. He said it bothered him at first, but it just became an interesting experience afterwards.

"It's funny how people will say one thing to you when they're right there next to you...but when they walk away with their friends, they laugh, make fun and call me names."

This blew my mind. How could anyone that had all of their senses be so ungrateful and even hateful?

I was never the same after that day. I will never forget that day meeting Michael. I never got his last name by the way. I guess it would be hard for him to use Facebook anyway right? I don't know.

There's more to life than what you eat and how you exercise

This guy, who struggled every day just to get to school, navigate the campus and actually learn, was HAPPY! It was incredible. He had an aura to him that you could almost see. He had a golden spirit. You could feel it every time he spoke. Everything had a meaning and not one extra word was added to his sentences. Everything packed a punch.

I looked inwards at myself and realized I had everything that I was told would make me healthy and happy:

  • A six-pack (see here)
  • A beautiful girlfriend
  • A loving family
  • A nice home and car
  • All my senses
  • A college education
  • and much more

but this guy was so much happier! I was envious!

Eventually I discovered that the following are what create more happiness:

  • Helping others
  • Acts of kindness
  • Gratitude
  • Meditation
  • The sauna
  • Essential oils
  • Expressing love
  • More rest
  • Taking myself a little lighter
  • Looking at the bright side of life

How is this incorporated into the program?

As you go through the 6-week course, you'll first hit on the topic of stress and learn how to measure, manage and prevent an overwhelm of it. Along with a video presentation by yours truly, you'll have the Stress Success workbook, a downloadable guide to keep on your phone or other device that you can refer to when stress builds up.

The meditation training manual removes the barrier of entry for anyone that rolls their eyes or throws up their arms when they're told to "just meditate".

As you head into the stage two, your viewpoint on sleep and recovery will be improved forever. You'll learn how to measure and reduce EMF pollution in your local environment, in your home and especially the EMF in your bedroom that is preventing you from achieving deep sleep. This is one of the most important stages of the program.

Eventually, you'll head to stage three to develop a sustainable method of exercise that works for you. You'll go through the Exercise Foundations Guide that will help you identify a realistic starting point for you and how to make it happen.

Just because everyone else in the crossfit gym does the same thing doesn't mean everyone is best suited for that particular exercise that day. Some days you just need to take it easy, some days you need to work hard and some days you need to do nothing at all. Sometimes rest is the best growth medicine. It's actually a requirement that has been ignored in modern times.

As you head into stage four, your knowledge of diet will be expanded. Those that have followed something like a Paleo diet will get benefit as well as those who are just starting to navigate the world of a truly healthy diet. Even after I was on a Paleo diet, I still struggled! Learn why you may be dealing with similar issues and what to do about it.

As you head into stage five, you'll learn what toxins you're exposed to on a daily basis and how to safely detox. I don't like to use the word "detox" in a quick and magic solution type of way, but rather with my "Daily Detoxification Program" that outlines the steps to take from the morning you wake up to the time you go to sleep.

Detox isn't a fad or some short of extreme, short-term thing, it should be built into your lifestyle. That's what stage five is all about. You'll also learn how and what to replace the dozen or more daily actions and things you come in contact that are disrupting your hormones, preventing your weight loss and are contributing to an overall toxic load. Have hope as this is one of the most exciting parts of the program!

Lastly, you'll enter the graduation stage. You'll learn about shinrin-yoku, a Japanese technique that holds extreme value for reducing your cortisol levels, calming your nervous system and boosting your immune system for as long as a month. I truly save the best for last. You'll learn about a secret tool that you can take with you anywhere that'll prevent you from burnout, overwhelm and stress/anxiety attacks. Eventually we'll decompress with a wide variety of music therapy and self-care strategies that will help improve your mobility, cognitive function and overall health and happiness levels.

How can I check it out?

I'm confident that no other online program takes things to the level as my Not Just Paleo Wellness Program. You can take a sneak peek inside of the program here and can register for a free workshop that reveals more of the detox strategies right here! Space is limited. If you're ready to dive into the program and see the program + the bonus content you'll receive, you can head straight to the join page here (there's a fun explainer video here too).

Cheers to health AND happiness,