Podcast #63 Dr. Rodney Ford on Gluten's Impact on the Brain and Moods, Recovering Processes From Gluten and How to Treat Anxiety


Today's GuestDr. Rodney Ford discusses Gluten's Effects on the Brain and how to heal from it. Not Just Paleo Podcast

Dr. Rodney Ford is an associate professor, medical doctor and pediatrician.

He has a private practice and online eClinic available at

Dr. Ford is a pediatric expert who focuses on child health, food allergy, respiratory allergy, gluten-sensitivity, celiac disease and gastroenterology problems.

His vision includes increasing knowledge of food problems, a broad recognition of food intolerance/allergy in the community and helping children become happy, healthy and vibrant.

Dr. Ford also spoke at the incredible online conference called The Gluten Summit.

The show

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Today we discuss

  • Dr. Ford participating in the Gluten Summit
  • Gluten's impact on the brain
  • How quickly can we heal from gluten consumption?
  • How much does gluten affect our well-being?
  • How do we heal from gluten damage?
  • What supplements should we take to heal?
  • What is the biggest health problem we are facing?
  • How to naturally heal anxiety and depression

Resources mentioned

Glutamine for healing the gut

Vitamin-D for addressing deficiencies

Recommended Greens powder for nutrients

Podcast #62 Catherine Garceau on Depression Caused by Chlorine, Emotional Healing Techniques and How to be Happy


Catherine Garceau joins us to discuss emotional healingToday’s Guest

Catherine Garceau is a dynamic health motivator and speaker who is based from her site

Catherine’s unconventional healing path began after her life as an Olympian (in synchronized swimming) when she discovered that chlorinated water was a big part of the toxic environment that was making her sick. As she dove deep into the world of water and wellness, she learned about many other sources of toxicity found in our world today, including her unfelt and unresolved emotions.

The show

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Today we discuss

  • Emotional health and swimming pool toxins
  • How to find happiness AND health
  • EFT technique for healing traumatic emotions
  • Sensory Deprivation (Float tanks)
  • How to keep pushing forward in life

Resources Mentioned

Catherine's book Swimming out of water

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