How Minimalism Can Improve Your Life


I am here to present a simple task to spark some energy into your life. Our goal is to tidy up our work and living space. I have several reasons this can help you.

In a consumer-culture that we all live and participate in, we must question whether this lifestyle is truly contributing to our happiness and fulfillment.

I've discovered after moving across the country several times that you need very little to be successful, happy and fulfilled.

While it's human nature to hold on to special items and trinkets, it's best to keep them limited.

This way of life is considered "minimalism" and has many numerous benefits.

There are several books, blogs and other resources of information across the web discussing minimalism and the benefits and personal journey towards minimalism that many people face.

Do you own or possessions or do they own you?

How Minimalism Can Improve Your LifeLet's talk about the workspace and how cleaning it up can help you.

Clean workstations = focused mind

The items I keep on or near my desk in the winter are a full-spectrum light box, an essential oil bottle, a plant and some headphones or speakers.

A minimalist living area can be relaxing

I am a fan of art and decorative mood lighting, but I try to keep a minimal living area beyond the essentials. I use very few cooking utensils such as 1 large pot, 1 small pot, 1 12'' skillet and a baking pan. Clutter just reduces my productivity and creates too many obstacles to deal with!

The less you have, the less you have to keep up with, maintain and clean

Even my Grandparents have adopted a minimalist lifestyle without even knowing that it had a label.. pretty funny! My grandma comes from a time when minimalism was the norm, but it makes perfect sense.

Among the minimalism, at least keep some plants around

We are designed from nature itself. If we strive for happiness, we need to keep reminders of nature around us at all times. It's the times that we are locked up in concrete buildings, office cubicles and hallways that we feel out of place, unfulfilled and non-human.

Office workers need to read the popular How to Be a Healthy and Happy Office Person Guide.

The benefits of indoor plants such as air purification and stress reduction are well known facts.

My plants are Cactus, Small Beech tree (left), Bella Palm (Back), and a Ficus tree (right).

Plant's are a fun and healthy hobby.

It's relaxing to be around them and takes minimal work besides giving them water, misting their leaves to prevent pore blockage and occasionally giving them nutrients or bigger pots when they get too big.

Where to start?

  • Look for clothes you don't need and give them away to someone in need
  • Take your extra pots and pans and have a garage sale or give them away
  • Clean out the "clutter drawers" and keep what you truly need
  • Convert pictures and other sentimental items over to a digital format if possible
  • Reduce the amount of "wants" and focus on the "needs"
  • Naturally ease yourself into having less clutter
  • Feel the stress of maintaining things melt away
  • Downsize your living space
  • Simply buy less
  • Count the things you use on a weekly basis and determine if the other stuff is worth keeping around
  • Figure out what you would put into a large duffel bag if you had to leave the house with 30 minutes notice
  • Research minimalism on other sites besides a Paleo blog to get the full take on this lifestyle

This is just some personal tips that I've come up with from adopting a minimalist lifestyle. There are benefits for everyone.

Whether you are an office person in the 51st floor of a New York city building or are a homesteader in the mountains of Colorado, we can all use MORE time. This happens when you have less stuff.

Let me know your experiences with this subject, I'd love to hear from you below.

Podcast #67 Vinnie Tortorich on the Simple Life, Beating Leukemia and Happy Relationships

Today's Guest

Vinnie Tortorich is an Author of the Book the Fitness Confidential and host of the popular Angriest Trainer Podcast.

He is a popular personal trainer and consultant for many celebrities in Hollywood and has had many personal struggles himself, including a diagnosis of leukemia. Vinnie also participates in long-distance cycling and other sporting events.

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 Today we discuss

  • Vinnie's podcast and story
  • Vinnie's experience in Hollywood
  • Are rich people really happier?
  • What's it like to work in Hollywood?
  • How did you get leukemia and how did you beat it?
  • What's it feel like to know you are alone in the world?
  • How can people have happy relationships and marriages?

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