#254 Mark Sisson on The Keto Reset Diet

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Mark is a former elite endurance athlete who has made health and fitness his life's work. In Mark's younger days, he was on the track toward medical school for a while (BA in Biology from Williams College), but got detoured by a different track, literally, and a dream of making the US Olympic team for the marathon. As the decades passed, he realized that his calling was as an independent researcher, critical thinker, motivator, and communicator, to get people to take responsibility for their health and fitness (often in the face of flawed conventional wisdom that can lead even the best-intentioned astray), and to inspire people to be open-minded, passionate, and enthusiastic about leading a healthy, happy, fit, balanced, active lifestyle, with the least amount of pain, suffering and sacrifice possible.

It seems the diet and exercise industry today is calibrated toward exactly that: the idea that you need to struggle and suffer to drop excess body fat, achieve fitness goals and be healthy. Mark's most prominent motivator is the pursuit of pleasure and happiness in his life. There is not a single word on his website,, that does not emanate from that goal. For Mark, following the Primal Blueprint is first and foremost about pleasure. Mark tries not to speak in terms of program, regimen, or diet when describing the Primal Blueprint. This is a way of life, a comprehensive blueprint just like you might find when building a house and it's based on modern epigenetic research and evolutionary biology.

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