3 Simple Reasons Why Paleo Is Not Working For You

3 Reasons Why Isn't Paleo Working For You I've written 5 more reasons why paleo isn't working for you too.

Health coaches and "Paleo Experts" across the world will recommend Paleo as your solution for everything. But you can do Paleo and it still not work for you. If it worked all the time , I wouldn't be in business.

There's so much more to life than what you eat and how you move your body. While these two foundational pieces of a happy and healthy human can be enough to change someone's life, they aren't enough for my standards of health.

How you should feel

You should wake up with a positive mood, a good energy level (without caffeine) and the inspiration to face the world. You should feel resilient and in charge. You should feel ready to face the world and strong enough to do it.

Why paleo isn't enough

It's almost a bit rude to suggest that diet and lifestyle will be enough to fix all your ailments. There are entire industries built on this idea because it's simple to create, recommend and market. You can recycle the same diet and fitness advice and repackage it for profit.

However, in my 1-on-1 consulting experience, 90% of my clients have already been "doing Paleo" and exercising and still aren't happy with their results.

There is something else to the picture... is it sleep? Is it stress? Is it exercise? These are all good guesses but none of them are the focal point today.

You have social isolation

Social isolation is becoming a bigger issue every day. From social media and the "avatar-life" that's lived by those that frequently use Skype and other networking services, to stay-at-home moms that are lacking adult conversation and interaction, this is a forgotten roadblock to health.

You are more susceptible to illness and other virus' if you're socially isolated.

A study wanted to figure out if the act of hugging can provide stress-relief and act as a medicine? They looked at 404 healthy adults and injected them with a virus that causes a common cold.

Among infected participants, those that had greater perceptions of social support and received more frequent hugs predicted less severe illness symptoms.

Find someone to hug. Hug them long, often and passionately. Yes, hug your guy friends too fellas.

You're lacking nature

Over 54% of the the world's population lives in cities, up from 34% in 1960. This number is only going to go up. The cities are where all the action and jobs are! Many people are stuck into the city life whether they like it or not.

Many cities are adding more green space as a sort of "sanity sanctuary" to the concrete jungles across the world. Could you imagine New York City without Central Park?

It's simple. You come from nature and you're meant to be exposed to it on a daily basis. It's when you stray away from nature that illness occurs.

If you stray away from natural foods you suffer. If you stray away from natural movement you suffer. And most importantly, if you stray away from the natural world itself, you suffer.

Nature provides many beneficial compounds that keep us calm and collected. A group of plant compounds called phytoncides are your new secret weapon.

You're exposed to them when you're walking through the forest. But, you may not have access to a forest as much as you'd like. That's okay because I have a secret weapon for you to use.

A study took 12 men and put them in a hotel room with various bottles of essential oils. Sounds like quite the sniffing party. They used hinoki cypress stem oil in case you want to replicate it.

I've written about essential oils before.

The results were astounding! NK killer cells and anti-cancer proteins, (yes, anti-cancer) were greatly increased. The two stress hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline were found to be much lower after using the oils.

I use and recommend essential oils for inhalation and topical use.

Here's a basic organic essential oils kit to get you started.

You're beating yourself up

Clients come to me first through complimentary consultations. 90% of them have at least this one common factor. They beat themselves up emotionally, physically and spiritually. They think lowly about themselves and tend to feel empty, depressed or even hopeless.

There are many factors we can discuss during your consult, but the fact is simple.

If you think like garbage, you're going to feel like garbage.

Whether you're binge eating due to emotional stress or because you've pushed yourself too hard in the gym, there is another cause that's often ignored.

You're thinking negatively.

In a study of 55 adolescents, those that showed greater negative thought scores from the questionnaires were more likely to have eating disorders and eating disorder tendencies.

Don't put yourself down if you make a mistake.

We're all human and we're all working on making ourselves better. The vicious cycle of thinking negative, making negative choices and feeling even worse from those decisions can be a ruthless process that destroys your health and happiness.

I'd like to prescribe a healthy dose of forgiveness. It's good for your heart to forgive.

Forgive yourself. Forgive your spouse. Forgive your ex. Forgive your boss. Forgive your naysayers.

A lifestyle rich in forgiveness will empower you to chase life without fear and the weight of the past on your shoulders.

Eventually the anchors of anger and pent-up emotion will sink your ship. Cut the chains and free yourself. You can do it.

You now have 3 more pieces to the puzzle. Keep collecting them and finding a place for them to fit... cause there's more to come.

What are some pieces you've discovered? Comment below.

3 Unique Side Effects of Self-Experimentation


3 Unique Side Effects of Self-ExperimentationSupplements, vitamins, herbs, alternative medicines and the many forms of self-experimentation such as meditation and sensory deprivation tanks are potent and have great potential. You should be careful with any alteration in your health or consciousness and stick to the motto that less is more. I've certainly experienced (maybe you have too) the feeling of, "I shouldn't have taken that".

Anyways, let's talk about some of the unique side effects of self-experimentation.

Established power over your health

When we are left feeling hopeless, depressed or powerless, we then resort to the mainstream medical industry for a savior. Often times, the antidepressants, mood stabilizers and various pharmaceutical concoctions that we leave the pharmacy with have potentially dangerous or uncomfortable side effects. Herbal remedies and other natural medicines may not have this side effect.

When we realize that the alternative medical industry is becoming exponentially powerful and that we have a say in our health and happiness, awareness occurs.

After experimenting with various herbs, vitamins and many other neuro-protecting compounds, I've discovered that our mind can function at a much higher level of operation. This higher level of function can be safe and beneficial for those experiencing a lack of motivation, inspiration and personal drive.

To get a more in-depth understanding of the underlying neurotransmitter mechanisms that are at play when ingesting these substances, read how to naturally boost your moods.

There are options and books that discuss many conditions that can be aided with natural medicine such as Herbal Antibiotics, Beginner's Guide to Herbal Medicines and Herbs for Stress and Anxiety.

Self-induced fear and anxiety

There are a few times I recall where I've had to face the fact that I created uncomfortable feelings in my head and body due to experimentation. For example, taking something like too many B-Vitamins can create jitters, anxiety and a racing mind/body. The key is that less is more for any and all supplements.

Taking a supplement you've never tried before can induce fear for some. If thorough research is done first, you shouldn't have anything to worry about. If you don't have time for research, my store has been filled with items for your mind, body and home that have been extensively researched and tested before recommending.

Several times I've rummaged through my supplement and herbal supply and have picked things for certain desired effects and moods. If I wanted to feel more energetic and uplifted, I would choose a particular herb. If I wanted to chill out but be more social, I may pick a different compound.

I'm in the research phase right now of my second action guide that helps people target specific conditions or moods they are trying to aid or achieve with the use of natural ingredients, therapies and other types of healing. Let me know in the comments if this would help you.

Long story short, there have been several times where I've been shocked and amazed at the potency of herbal medicines.

A new perspective on life itself

A few years ago when I got the news of my grandmother's stroke, my life was forever changed. Luckily, she had no real damage except for a temporary loss in strength in one of her arms. Now she is feeling fine. However, looking at the medical industry and how it operates in the flesh revealed the truth that you are not safe in their hands.

Her meals consisted of mainstream cereal, low-fat milk, sugar treats and miscellaneous processed and preserved meals. The small cardboard box of orange juice each morning was possibly the worst thing that she could have been given. This is when the revelation took place.

The revelation was that you have to be the leader in the health of yourself and your family. No one is coming to save you.

While the conventional medical industry may keep you alive, they will not help you thrive. If you do not seek out alternative medicine, naturopathic doctors or the extremely few amount of educated "paleo medical doctors", your treatment options may be limited in scope and effect.

After realizing this slightly scary but empowering fact, I was able to come into the hospital and bring her some real food. Just a simple bag of pistachios was enough to kickstart her recovery process. Both her spiritual and physical health began to improve after getting some real nutrients.

It's not a surprise that many people become worse off when spending time in the hospital due to the poor diet, dirty air, negative energy and other various detrimental aspects. As you will hear on my podcast with Dr. Joan Vernikos, the most important thing you can do for your health is to get out of the laying position and go to a standing position. This simple action of inducing gravity on the body can jump start your recovery from many ailments.

With the knowledge that I've gathered and provided for you with over 100+ hours of podcasts, you have the power in your hands to create great change in your health. While I can't help you force feed good foods from my food guide down your families throats in an attempt to save them, I can sure try with these articles! Please share this below and take charge of your health and mind today.. Okay that sounded like an infomercial, but really. Start now.

Podcast #65 Mark Sisson on Relaxation, Depression Meds & the Future of Health


Mark Sisson joins the Not Just Paleo podcastToday's Guest

Mark Sisson of joins us on the show!

As a long time influence of my podcast, I was grateful to have Mark join us on the show.

Mark's mission is to empower people to take full responsibility for their own health and enjoyment of life by investigating, discussing, and critically rethinking everything we've assumed to be true about health and wellness.

The show

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Today we discuss

  • My recommended Nutritional vitamin supplement
  • Mark's venture into Mark's Daily Apple
  • Depression and the sadness we cause on ourselves
  • What would mark have done differently if he had a time machine?
  • Why focusing on the present is so important
  • What's one thing everyone should be doing for their health today?
  • Mark's books The Primal Connection and The Primal Blueprint

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How to Apply the Snowball Effect to Paleo Health and Fitness


Applying the snowball effect for Paleo health and fitnessWhen we team up, we can utilize the power of a group, or what I like to call the "snowball effect". The snowball effect is a critical tool to understand when it comes to achieving results.

The snowball can happen with both positive and negative things in life such as an incredible diet or a soda pop addiction.

Today, we are focused on the positives.

It’s very important to apply snowball effect when it deals with your mental and physical health.

Transforming your mental and physical health is possible by utilizing the snowball effect to your advantage.

If you've experienced the power of habit to your advantage, or more commonly, your disadvantage, take this moment to let all of that go.

After an attempt to mentally let go of the fears and regrets from the past, you may now move on.

We inherently crave to feel better. Part of the human spirit is to improve it's own health and condition.

Something as simple as the time you enjoy in your garden can be an exercise (pun intended) that allows you trigger this "snowball effect".

I played outside for most of my life, and have always been most at peace in the forest. Little did I know, these choices were all a part of the “primal” lifestyle.

Today, you may now understand that activities that make you feel at peace are built into our human code. We enjoy the things we've done throughout all of human history.

It should make sense why the popularity and widespread usage of technology has presented both pleasure and pain for us.

Simply limiting your time spent on technology and forcing yourself outside may be all it takes for you to trigger your "physical snowball". Once this happens, managing your stress levels, weight and mood will all be easier.

You see how this snowball effect begins to roll with an unstoppable force.

It’s a great feeling which will enable you to help others around you.

Some of us have so many problems with ourselves both mentally and physically, that we are unable to help others.

No longer will you be powerless.

To those who have already checked out your diet, you are aware of the power of habit.

Once you have taken the first steps towards health like eating fresh fruit and vegetables frequently, you can’t imagine eating anything else.

If you are an extreme paleo activist and have seen the benefits that the paleo lifestyle gives you, great!

You are probably to the point to where you check out others’ grocery carts and have the urge to go up to them and say, “are you aware that you are eating genetically modified, high fructose corn syrup laden food?".

Unfortunately, most people treat their food as some sort of religion and this tactic would immediately backfire. Although you may have the truth, the way you present it means a lot.

After helping yourself, maybe it would be beneficial for you to share this website and podcast for others to begin their journey.

After all, this is the essence of things "going viral". When something like the free food guide for your entire household works on improving your overall health, it's almost a crime not to share it with others.

If we truly want to achieve a healthier and happier society, we have to collectively re-train each other about some of the concepts of reconnecting to your food source, natural environment and a sense of peace with the world.

Life will become a completely different experience for you.

Your perspective on the food system, workplace drama and the latest television show may flip flop.

Due to the increased production of essential neurotransmitters from consuming grass-fed meats and dark green leafy vegetables, you are able to see the world in a new light.

I consider the removal of your "fog" to be one of the most profound moments in your life. It is as if you have been looking through a dirty window and suddenly, it is clean!

Here are a few more actionable tips to help you attain the snowball effect.

1. Find friends that have your back no matter what.

2. Develop or join a group of friends or people conscious of their physical and mental health. I can’t stress this aspect of your life enough.

If you have a friend, family member, significant other or spouse that doesn’t understand or support your Paleo lifestyle, this could affect your mindset and discourage you from your goals.

Your results should blow people away and reduce the amount of skeptics to a bare minimum.

3. Search your local gym or grocery store for someone that happens to be doing a particular exercise that you love, or that is picking out the same nut mix as you.

Approach them and "use your words" as we say to our young! Long-term friendships can appear out of anywhere as long as you are open to receive them.

4. Keep your workouts short but intense. Many people stay in the gym too long, deeming your time worthless and potentially detrimental.

It’s easy to buy nice gym clothes, bright colored shoes and the newest iPod armband, but if you are not consistent and focused with your physical efforts, your "snowball" will never form.

It takes time, dedication and true effort, your body will not be fooled by just the thought of walking.

5. Do not get discouraged when you see the word "dedication", this is essential for success in any aspect of life.

On top of this exercise, your body requires adequate amino acids for muscle repair and growth.

This of course, is attained by a steady 2-5 meal a day consumption of grass-fed meats, green leafy vegetables, coconut oil, grass-fed butter and important mineral compounds such as Himalayan Pink Salt.

Now, for each exercise I recommend sticking to the following.

5 sets of 5 repetitions for pure strength and muscle gains, 3 sets of 8 for a combination of strength and toning, and 3 sets of 15 for elongating muscle fibers, burning fat and increasing mobility.

Alternate between heavy and light weight every few months to let your joints rest.

You should also have a daily Omega-3 supplement in your regimen to supply the essential fatty acids necessary for brain and physical health.

Getting results with your body is all about consistency and strength increases, even if they happen only 2 pounds at a time.

For the famous "Cardio" workouts, I recommend beginning with a 10-15 minute brisk walk.

You should get some energy from this exercise, not exhausted.

If you are able to accomplish this task 3 nights a week, you may be ready to add in the weights and more intense exercise routines.

If you have habits that are preventing you from achieving happiness and success, you should probably read eliminating roadblocks from happiness and Paleo.

I’ve had people make fun of my barefoot shoes or poke at me for always carrying a bag of cashews and beef jerky with me, but I am the one with the energy and physical health to conquer life’s challenges!

Remember, your health and happiness surmounts everything else!

Podcast #53 Jason Seib on Mindset Towards Health

Today's Guest

Jason Seib joins us for a second time on the podcast.

If you haven't listened to our first episode together yet, the link is here.

The show

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Today we discuss

  • The two different mindsets when it comes to fat loss
  • How to change your perspective for success
  • Why Evan is thrilled to have a fat-burning metabolism

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