#64 Martin Zucker on Grounding, Inflammatory Diseases and Healing for Free


Learn about earthing mats and grounding on Not Just PaleoToday’s Guest

Martin Zucker has been writing about health for more than 35 years. He is a former Associated Press foreign correspondent.

He co-wrote the book, Earthing: The most important health discovery ever? with Dr. Steven Sinatra and Clint Ober, the pioneers in grounding technology.

Martin now works with Earthing.com and speaks on the subject.

The show

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Today we discuss

  • Martin's background as a writer
  • The biggest health discovery he's found
  • Earthing and grounding basics
  • Inflammatory diseases linked to NOT grounding
  • Evan's experience with earthing mats
  • Sleep quality and Evan's new book about it
  • You can ground for free?

Resources mentioned

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Grounding and Rx medications

Grounding mats

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