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#206 Dr. Thomas Cowan on Heart Disease Prevention and Ouabain

Dr. Thomas CowanDr. Thomas Cowan, MD, has studied and written about many subjects in medicine including nutrition, homeopathy, anthroposophical medicine, and herbal medicine. He is the principal author of The Fourfold Path to Healing and co-author (with Sally Fallon) of The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Child Care. Dr. Cowan has served as vice president of the Physicians’ Association for Anthroposophic Medicine and is a founding board member of the Weston A. Price Foundation®. He also writes the “Ask the Doctor” column in Wise Traditions in Food, Farming, and the Healing Arts (the Weston A. Price Foundation’s quarterly magazine) and has lectured throughout the United States and Canada. He has three grown children and currently practices medicine in San Francisco where he resides with his wife, Lynda Smith.

Today We Discuss

  • Ouabain and the adrenal glands
  • The ancient remedy for heart health
  • Preventing heart attacks
  • How your nervous system affects your heart health
  • What is chest pain caused from?
  • How does nutrition affect heart health?


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