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Podcast #97 Dr. Dan Kalish On Moods, Brain Health And Supplement Precautions


Podcast #97 Dr. Dan Kalish On Neurotransmitters And Why You Should Not Self Treat With Amino AcidsToday's Guest

Dr. Dan Kalish, D.C., is a pioneer, having developed his own model of Functional Medicine founded on 20 years of successful clinical results while working with over 8,000 patients in his private practice.  He has certified over 700 practitioners worldwide in The Kalish Method which solves patient challenges through a proven lab based mentorship program addressing the three key areas of Hormones, GI and Detoxification.

The show

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Today we discuss

  • Toxins you're exposed to without even trying
  • Leaded gasoline and other sources of pollution in our environment
  • Austim is now 1 in 67 linked to neurotoxins
  • Taking the Organic Acids Test for toxin load and methylation
  • Genetics and neurotransmitter issues
  • How big of a role do neurotransmitters play in genetics? 20%
  • High stress and bad diet are most common issue 90%
  • You should not treat your brain without a lab test
  • Why you shouldn't take something based off how it makes you feel
  • 4 things you can self treat with are sleep, exercise, reducing stress like meditation and food
  • Do you use short term amino acid therapy?
  • Is urine testing for neurotransmitters legit?
  • Dr. Kalish last few tips - become ridiculously fit, get good sleep, meditate 40 min a day and eat good food.

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