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#216 Lloyd Burrell on Electric Sensitivity and EMF Mitigation


Today my guest is Lloyd Burrell, an educator, coach and mentor regarding EMF. As you'll find out, he didn't choose to be passionate about EMF by choice but is a wounded warrior by the electromagnetic radiation and microwave fields that come off a cell phone. As mentioned on the show, you can find  the Vimeo videos about EMF from the Electromagnetichealth.org channel.

Enter Lloyd and his story:

Dear Friend,

Why Did I Create My Website?

I guess I got sick and tired of all the BS that the cell phone industry and the so-called “mainstream media” are putting out about EMFs and the cell phone radiation issue.

“It’s all harmless. It won’t hurt you,” they tell us. Yet, if you use a cell phone for a few minutes, you feel your ear warming on the side of the phone, right?

Should you be worried about that? It’s not so much being worried about it that’s important it’s being aware of the dangers. Because there are dangers.

I know because I became very ill, and people I know have died because of brain tumors caused by cell phone use–there are literally thousands of studies linking these exposures to a long list of diseases including cancer [“Oh yeah, then how come I never heard about that?” you ask? Well, why didn’t we “know” that cigarettes were harmful until the 1980’s? I’ll just let you think about that.]

Why Is It Important To Get Wise On This Issue?

Cell phone radiation and electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) are the most important under-reported story of our generation. Autism and obesity is exploding, child diabetes is on an unexplainable rise, children are being medicated as never before. Does this need to be? Is this normal? No it’s not. EMFs and cell phones have got a lot to answer for, and I am not the only one saying this.

Does This Mean I Am Against EMFs And Cell Phones?

Absolutely not. I live in the real world. Personally, I do not use a cell phone anymore but I know there are many people whose livelihoods depend on them, and I know that in some cases they can be lifesavers. But there’s way too much ignorance on the dangers. These dangers are very real; there’s a growing body of research which says they are real. The key is to be aware of the dangers and learn to use this technology more safely.

Who Can I Help?

I’ve written down my story, I use my real name and there are videos so you can see who I really am. I am just a regular person who has experienced genuine health issues through exposure to EMFs.

If you’re reading this then I would guess either:

1. you have no symptoms but you are concerned about the dangers of EMFs and cell phones and want to know more

2. you have symptoms of electrical sensitivity or another illness that you believe has been sparked off by exposure to EMFs, and you want to know how to deal with it

Either way, I can help.

How Can I Help?

If you’re just concerned about EMFs and are looking for unbiased information and a way to protect yourself you’ve come to the right place. If you’re already suffering some symptoms of electrical sensitivity it is more complex. But there are ways in which you can overcome your sensitivity and live normally again.

If you want to read my story (I am always updating it with the newest experiences and knowledge I get about this topic), then subscribe to my newsletter by putting your e-mail address in the box on the homepage. I’ll send you my story and updates on the issue.

Anyway, get my story. Read it…I want to get this information out to the public where it belongs, so people can make up their own minds and protect themselves. One last thing, some more honesty….

How Can I Provide this Service For Free?

Electricsense.com is not my job, it’s my passion. Most things on the site I do myself but some things are above my head technically, so there are running costs. On some of my articles, there are links to other websites where you can buy certain products (e.g. shielding materials, EMF meters etc). When you buy something on these websites I get paid a small commission. This is how I finance the running of the site.

What you read on this website is my own opinion, speaking as someone who has gone through the trials and tribulations of electrical sensitivity. All of my recommendations are based solely on my own evaluation.



You can check out Lloyd at Electricsense.com

Podcast #86 Dr. Sam Milham on Dirty Electricity and the Diseases of Civilization


Dr Sam Milham on Dirty Electricity and the Diseases of CivilizationToday's Guest

Dr. Samuel Milham, the scientist who first alerted the world about the frightening link between occupational exposure to electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic pollution, and human disease. Dr. Milham is the author of Dirty Electricity: Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization ($3) Buy it now.

The show

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Today we discuss

  • What is dirty electricity?
  • Cancer existing only in electrified areas of the planet?
  • Asthma, brain fog and other things that are linked to dirty electricity
  • Smart meters causing Dr. Milham's friend to vomit
  • What are the differences between smart meters and old school meters?
  • What are sources of dirty electricity to remove?
  • How do you make your home safe?
  • Stetzerizer Microsurge Meter
  • Stetzerizer Filter
  • Trifield 100XE EMF Meter

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