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Starting Your Day off With Inner Peace: Trash the Alarm Clock



Do you wake up with some sort of alarm clock or an alarm sound from your cell phone or other device?

Today, we will guide you on the path to waking up with peace and tranquility every single day.

Alarm sounds are not something we are supposed to have.

Are you familiar with that feeling you get at 6am when the alarm clock goes off?

For most that use a typical buzzer, alarm, horn, siren or whatever other stressful sound, you wake up in a frantic. The typical alarm clock sound sets your body up for stress for the rest of the day.

This article is not telling you to literally throw away your alarm clock, it's simply to use peaceful sounds to wake up to instead.

Use a peaceful instrumental song or ringtone for your alarm with piano or your favorite acoustic guitar melody.

Almost every phone is a smartphone now which means you have the ability to put songs or music onto them and use them as an alarm. Most cell phones have an option under your "alarm tone" that allows you to pick from different choices. Most of the time there are no relaxing sounds as alarm tones and you will have to use "browse" and find the song that you put on your phone.

There are usually a few different favorite piano melodies.

I have found an album by SonicAid, that you can purchase on iTunes here a company that specializes on the benefits of positive music and enabling deeper sleep, and promoting relaxation and stress relief.

You can wakeup with a tranquil mind in almost a meditative dream-like state, partially because you're probably still half asleep, and because the music just soothes you. Waking up to a stressful sound seems to shoot adrenaline into your system and make you feel horrible!

You don't need the snooze button.

The most important reason you should find a sound machine that has an alarm function or use your iPod, iPhone or any smartphone with a peaceful melody as your alarm is because of the spiritual aspect. Since making this change in the way you start your day, you'll have a more positive outlook on the day and in life as a whole.

I used to wake up angry and miserably tired because I would wakeup to a radio station with a commercial or a siren that makes me think the house is on fire.

Now I wakeup and smile because I have another day to make an impact in this world.

It's time to make the change to the sound of waves, birds and acoustic guitar in the mornings. It's never too late to start improving your life, and improving the quality of start of your day is the ultimate way to achieve a happier everyday outlook.If you have any questions or need help setting your phone or device up with a peaceful song, I can help.

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