#216 Lloyd Burrell on Electric Sensitivity and EMF Mitigation


Today my guest is Lloyd Burrell, an educator, coach and mentor regarding EMF. As you'll find out, he didn't choose to be passionate about EMF by choice but is a wounded warrior by the electromagnetic radiation and microwave fields that come off a cell phone. As mentioned on the show, you can find  the Vimeo videos about EMF from the Electromagnetichealth.org channel.

Enter Lloyd and his story:

Dear Friend,

Why Did I Create My Website?

I guess I got sick and tired of all the BS that the cell phone industry and the so-called “mainstream media” are putting out about EMFs and the cell phone radiation issue.

“It’s all harmless. It won’t hurt you,” they tell us. Yet, if you use a cell phone for a few minutes, you feel your ear warming on the side of the phone, right?

Should you be worried about that? It’s not so much being worried about it that’s important it’s being aware of the dangers. Because there are dangers.

I know because I became very ill, and people I know have died because of brain tumors caused by cell phone use–there are literally thousands of studies linking these exposures to a long list of diseases including cancer [“Oh yeah, then how come I never heard about that?” you ask? Well, why didn’t we “know” that cigarettes were harmful until the 1980’s? I’ll just let you think about that.]

Why Is It Important To Get Wise On This Issue?

Cell phone radiation and electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) are the most important under-reported story of our generation. Autism and obesity is exploding, child diabetes is on an unexplainable rise, children are being medicated as never before. Does this need to be? Is this normal? No it’s not. EMFs and cell phones have got a lot to answer for, and I am not the only one saying this.

Does This Mean I Am Against EMFs And Cell Phones?

Absolutely not. I live in the real world. Personally, I do not use a cell phone anymore but I know there are many people whose livelihoods depend on them, and I know that in some cases they can be lifesavers. But there’s way too much ignorance on the dangers. These dangers are very real; there’s a growing body of research which says they are real. The key is to be aware of the dangers and learn to use this technology more safely.

Who Can I Help?

I’ve written down my story, I use my real name and there are videos so you can see who I really am. I am just a regular person who has experienced genuine health issues through exposure to EMFs.

If you’re reading this then I would guess either:

1. you have no symptoms but you are concerned about the dangers of EMFs and cell phones and want to know more

2. you have symptoms of electrical sensitivity or another illness that you believe has been sparked off by exposure to EMFs, and you want to know how to deal with it

Either way, I can help.

How Can I Help?

If you’re just concerned about EMFs and are looking for unbiased information and a way to protect yourself you’ve come to the right place. If you’re already suffering some symptoms of electrical sensitivity it is more complex. But there are ways in which you can overcome your sensitivity and live normally again.

If you want to read my story (I am always updating it with the newest experiences and knowledge I get about this topic), then subscribe to my newsletter by putting your e-mail address in the box on the homepage. I’ll send you my story and updates on the issue.

Anyway, get my story. Read it…I want to get this information out to the public where it belongs, so people can make up their own minds and protect themselves. One last thing, some more honesty….

How Can I Provide this Service For Free?

Electricsense.com is not my job, it’s my passion. Most things on the site I do myself but some things are above my head technically, so there are running costs. On some of my articles, there are links to other websites where you can buy certain products (e.g. shielding materials, EMF meters etc). When you buy something on these websites I get paid a small commission. This is how I finance the running of the site.

What you read on this website is my own opinion, speaking as someone who has gone through the trials and tribulations of electrical sensitivity. All of my recommendations are based solely on my own evaluation.



You can check out Lloyd at Electricsense.com

#210 Eric Windheim, BA, EMRS, BBEC on EMF and Adrenal Health


eric-windheim-bwToday's Guest

Note: you get most of this episode free, to get the full talk and transcript, you must purchase the AdrenalResetSummit.com package that includes this talk and 33 other expert talks!

Eric Windheim, BA, EMRS, BBEC is the owner of Windheim Environmental Solutions, a California high technology and environmental health and wellness company since 1991. Windheim Environmental Solutions is located in the Sacramento area with clients worldwide. They provide assessment, measurement, testing, abatement and remediation of dangerous and unhealthy magnetic fields, electric fields, microwave radiation and “dirty” electricity.

The show

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Today we discuss

  • How prevalent is EMF and what are the various sources?
  • What symptoms would someone experience exposed to EMF?
  • How big of an issue is this among nutrition and other health modifications?
  • How do you measure and mitigate? (note, you get most of this episode free, to get the full talk and transcript, you must purchase the AdrenalResetSummit.com package that includes this talk and 33 other expert talks!)

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Why I'm Not Buying the New iPhone


Hey, it's Evan. If you don't make it to the bottom of this post, watch my new video.

As you know, my background is in functional medicine and nutritional therapy.

That hasn't stopped me from investigating the research, and doing many experiments myself around the topic of EMF, or electromagnetic radiation.

We're talking about your cell phone, your WiFi router, cell phone towers, and your microwave to name a few sources.

The French government has completely banned WiFi from schools in an effort to protect children from potential damage.

The younger you are, the more susceptible you are to illness from EMF, due to a softer and more permeable skull.

What sparked this conversation...

Today, Apple announced the iPhone 7, a new Apple Watch and a new set of wireless earbuds called "Airpods".

Tim Cook, the CEO said, "The Apple Watch is the best device for a healthy life".


More technology is what we are missing?

Not more sunshine, fresh air, organic food, time with our loved ones, laughter and dancing?

Not less air pollution, less chemicals in the food, air, water and soil?

Not less WiFi hotspots and less cell phone towers that broadcast signal across 95%+ of the USA?

Have you seen the coverage map that cell phone carriers use as promotion?

What will we say 30 years from now?

Are we going to look back one day and find out that the people that lived in or near the areas in white, are the few that don't end up with side effects of this giant, global experiment in wireless technology and transmission?

Let me be clear.

My goal is not to instill fear.

My goal is to increase your awareness about an issue that is talked about rarely.

I have done several podcasts with EMF experts around the issue of cell phones, smart meters, and dirty electricity.

When I lived in Austin, TX, there were over 400 towers emitting wireless signal within a few mile radius of my home.

I had extremely restless sleep and frequent headaches.

When I moved back to Kentucky where there were less than 100 towers (which is still too many), my symptoms disappeared.

I have more questions than answers about all of this.

I do have a feeling research will conclude that wireless technology is "the new smoking".

I'm not going to wait 50 years for the mainstream media to announce it.

Here are a 10 steps to protect yourself:

1. Turn off your WiFi router at night before you sleep. Or go hardwired.

2. Put your phone on airplane mode if you must carry it on you.

3. Use speaker phone or an air-tube headset when making phone calls.

4. Prioritize text messaging over phone calls if possible.

5. Spend more time grounding yourself at the beach, in the soil, garden, etc.

6. Stay hydrated and use electrolytes.

7. Use antennasearch.com and enter your address to see how many towers are near you.

8. Don't let your kids use cell phones unless absolutely necessary.

9. Get rid of metal box springs under your mattress, which may act as an antenna for wireless signals.

10. Deny and refuse smart meter installation on your home.

>>> Here's my short, 3 minute explanation of the research and why I'm not buying or supporting more wireless technology... for now.

To health,

Evan Brand

Your curious friend, podcaster and functional medicine practitioner

P.S Further reading and listening:

Dr. Sam Milham on Dirty Electricity

Oram Miller on EMF Protection In Your Home

My Article for Ben Greenfield on Lebron James Mouth Tumor


Podcast #121 Dr. Jack Wolfson on Paleo, EMF and Heart Health


Dr. Jack Wolfson on Paleo for Heart HealthToday's Guest

Dr. Jack Wolfson is a board certified cardiologist that uses the Paleo diet, organic food, a healthy lifestyle and natural medicine for his patients to create extraordinary levels of health at his clinic Wolfson Integrative Cardiology.

Enter Dr. Jack:


That was how I spent the first 35 years of my life. Words like organic and natural were not in my vocabulary, certainly not relating to health. Nutrition was scarcely mentioned, vitamins were quackery, and drugs and surgery were healing.

I actually believed (as many docs do) that statin drugs should be in the water supply. But as you will read below, I transformed from a doctor who follows mindless, cookbook medicine to one who will be amongst the leaders of the health revolution in this country.

I was born in Cleveland where my father was the first osteopathic resident at the Cleveland Clinic. My family moved to Chicago and lived there until age 31. I attended the University of Illinois for my undergraduate degree and then, following in my father’s footsteps, spent four years at the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine for my D.O. degree. A three year internal medicine residency then a three year cardiology fellowship followed at Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, Illinois while serving as Chief Fellow in my final year.

I am board certified in cardiology and was a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology (FACC) from 2002-2012. In 2002, I moved to Arizona and joined a large cardiology group. My first few years, I practiced like any other cardiologist, consulting with office patients and making hospital rounds. Procedures such as heart catheterization, implanting pacemakers, and interpreting echocardiograms and nuclear stress tests was my daily routine.

I served as the Chairman of the Department of Medicine at Paradise Valley Hospital and also as the Director of Cardiac Rehabilitation. In four years, I achieved partner status with the large cardiology group and was a very successful conventional cardiologist. As time passed, I was growing frustrated that despite all the pharmaceuticals and procedures, many patients were feeling worse. Patients were discharged from the hospital only to return to the ER shortly because doctors are not healing anyone.

The realization hit me that medical doctors were not preventing disease but only attempting to treat symptoms. In 2004, I met the most amazing woman who would soon become my wife. Heather is a chiropractor and has a heavy focus on nutrition and healthy, chemical free living. Since meeting her, I have changed my whole life and medical practice style. I have switched from the sickness paradigm to one of health and wellness. I read countless books, studied hundreds of articles, and attended as many conferences as possible. I met with natural doctors including chiropractors, homeopaths,naturopaths and different types of healers (at which most medical docs would scoff). I immersed myself in the natural lifestyle.

Most importantly, I opened my mind from the brainwashing of medical training. My explicit goal in treating  patients is finding the cause of disease instead of using the band-aid approach.

The CAUSE is the CURE.

In 2012, I decided to leave the large cardiology group and open Wolfson Integrative Cardiology. Heather and I have two beautiful, healthy boys, Noah and Brody, and our rescue Lab mix, Sal. Our sons were born at home with a midwife. Neither have ever taken a pharmaceutical, prescribed or OTC.  We practice attachment parenting, eat organic food, and instill a natural lifestyle into our children. We enjoy all the outdoor activities available in Phoenix. Heather and I together are The Drs. Wolfson and our motto is “Awakening the World to Wellness”.

The show

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Today we discuss

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Introducing The Not Just Paleo Wellness Program


At this time 5 years ago, I was trying to figure out whether I should run to the bathroom or head to class. I was in college, feeling the first-hand effects of stress and food sensitivities. I just ignored it at the time. My awareness of my symptoms was there, but I didn't think it was that big of a deal.

After my energy levels continued to plummet, I knew there was a connection. I had to miss out on classes, would only make it halfway through some of them, had to jump in and out of the class and more. When you get in a habit of doing something, it doesn't seem abnormal to you. But, that was far from normal and it took me to become fully exhausted and depressed to realize that.

Why The Not Just Paleo Wellness Program?

After I pulled the breads, pastas, bagels and other garbage and gut-irritating foods from the diet, I was still depressed. My energy levels were still much lower than almost everyone around me. Even my grandparents seemed to outpace me and I couldn't understand why!

I was doing everything I was told:

  • "Just eat right and exercise"
  • "Just get more sleep take some protein powder"
  • "It's all in your head"
  • "You're just in a growing spurt"

While all of these things made a little bit of sense, they definitely didn't add up to enough to explain the 80-year old man energy levels as a college student. I began to take more steps towards health by changing the genre of music I listened to, finding something more peaceful and relaxing. Jazz music became my new favorite. I was able to experience some new thought patterns that allowed me a new perspective on my situation.

What brought the old me back wasn't the diet and exercise, it was all the other little pieces that added up.

Leaning a bit more on my girlfriend at the time, who is now my wife, she assured me that I was going to be okay, and she meant it. That simple statement was enough to calm me down, since a lot of the irritable bowel issues were linked to stress and the worry about the issue itself. It was a vicious cycle that had to stop.

Allowing myself some distance from the situation started to create a greater gap in the frequency of episodes. I went from multiple times a day of gut distress to once or twice per week. This was a gift from god! I was finally able to enjoy myself without having to first figure out where the bathroom was. A huge sign of relief!

Once I discovered probiotics and began adding them into my supplement regimen, things really took a turn for the better. I began to have less acne, less bloating and more energy. These pills were the magic ones I've been searching for.

But, after all of this, I was still depressed. My outlook on life was poor at best. Who said diet and exercise makes health AND happiness? Not me.

The real answers came when I began to love myself, to accept my faults and cherish my struggles, as there were so many things I should be grateful for.

The real turning point that played a huge role in my mindset shift that allowed me to create this program was this:

As I was walking towards class, I saw a guy about my age who was lost. He was standing at the intersection of a few different sidewalks spinning around trying to get his boundaries straight. He was blind.

I approached him and said, "hey bud, do you need help?"

He responded, "yes! please! I'm trying to get back over to the SAC (student activity center)".

"Okay no problem" I said, "come this way" as I grabbed his arm.

We hit it off like best buds, a frequent occurrence that's happened throughout my life. I've always had a way of connecting with people almost instantly. You would have thought we were related by our conversation and strut.

As you know, I'm a curious guy, always have been. I began to ask him what life is like when you can't see anything?

He talked about how he trips and falls sometimes when navigating new territory. A lot of sidewalks don't have ramps and the drop-off caused him to fall down more than once. But it was what he said next that caused me to tear up...

He said, "but you know what, my hearing is excellent! The sound of the birds keeps me happy no matter where I am on campus. They sing such beautiful songs!". I immediately smiled and teared up at the same time, allowing my focus to shift to the sounds of the birds, something that had just been background noise to me at the time.

"You're right!" I said. "I guess I didn't pay that much attention to them. I always have my headphones in."

We had arrived at our destination and ended up sitting down and talking together about life. He gave me plenty of stories of how people talk about him and make fun of him. Since his hearing is so much better than the average persons, he can hear them long after they think he can.

They'd be a good 50 feet away and he could pick up their conversation with ease. He said it bothered him at first, but it just became an interesting experience afterwards.

"It's funny how people will say one thing to you when they're right there next to you...but when they walk away with their friends, they laugh, make fun and call me names."

This blew my mind. How could anyone that had all of their senses be so ungrateful and even hateful?

I was never the same after that day. I will never forget that day meeting Michael. I never got his last name by the way. I guess it would be hard for him to use Facebook anyway right? I don't know.

There's more to life than what you eat and how you exercise

This guy, who struggled every day just to get to school, navigate the campus and actually learn, was HAPPY! It was incredible. He had an aura to him that you could almost see. He had a golden spirit. You could feel it every time he spoke. Everything had a meaning and not one extra word was added to his sentences. Everything packed a punch.

I looked inwards at myself and realized I had everything that I was told would make me healthy and happy:

  • A six-pack (see here)
  • A beautiful girlfriend
  • A loving family
  • A nice home and car
  • All my senses
  • A college education
  • and much more

but this guy was so much happier! I was envious!

Eventually I discovered that the following are what create more happiness:

  • Helping others
  • Acts of kindness
  • Gratitude
  • Meditation
  • The sauna
  • Essential oils
  • Expressing love
  • More rest
  • Taking myself a little lighter
  • Looking at the bright side of life

How is this incorporated into the program?

As you go through the 6-week course, you'll first hit on the topic of stress and learn how to measure, manage and prevent an overwhelm of it. Along with a video presentation by yours truly, you'll have the Stress Success workbook, a downloadable guide to keep on your phone or other device that you can refer to when stress builds up.

The meditation training manual removes the barrier of entry for anyone that rolls their eyes or throws up their arms when they're told to "just meditate".

As you head into the stage two, your viewpoint on sleep and recovery will be improved forever. You'll learn how to measure and reduce EMF pollution in your local environment, in your home and especially the EMF in your bedroom that is preventing you from achieving deep sleep. This is one of the most important stages of the program.

Eventually, you'll head to stage three to develop a sustainable method of exercise that works for you. You'll go through the Exercise Foundations Guide that will help you identify a realistic starting point for you and how to make it happen.

Just because everyone else in the crossfit gym does the same thing doesn't mean everyone is best suited for that particular exercise that day. Some days you just need to take it easy, some days you need to work hard and some days you need to do nothing at all. Sometimes rest is the best growth medicine. It's actually a requirement that has been ignored in modern times.

As you head into stage four, your knowledge of diet will be expanded. Those that have followed something like a Paleo diet will get benefit as well as those who are just starting to navigate the world of a truly healthy diet. Even after I was on a Paleo diet, I still struggled! Learn why you may be dealing with similar issues and what to do about it.

As you head into stage five, you'll learn what toxins you're exposed to on a daily basis and how to safely detox. I don't like to use the word "detox" in a quick and magic solution type of way, but rather with my "Daily Detoxification Program" that outlines the steps to take from the morning you wake up to the time you go to sleep.

Detox isn't a fad or some short of extreme, short-term thing, it should be built into your lifestyle. That's what stage five is all about. You'll also learn how and what to replace the dozen or more daily actions and things you come in contact that are disrupting your hormones, preventing your weight loss and are contributing to an overall toxic load. Have hope as this is one of the most exciting parts of the program!

Lastly, you'll enter the graduation stage. You'll learn about shinrin-yoku, a Japanese technique that holds extreme value for reducing your cortisol levels, calming your nervous system and boosting your immune system for as long as a month. I truly save the best for last. You'll learn about a secret tool that you can take with you anywhere that'll prevent you from burnout, overwhelm and stress/anxiety attacks. Eventually we'll decompress with a wide variety of music therapy and self-care strategies that will help improve your mobility, cognitive function and overall health and happiness levels.

How can I check it out?

I'm confident that no other online program takes things to the level as my Not Just Paleo Wellness Program. You can take a sneak peek inside of the program here and can register for a free workshop that reveals more of the detox strategies right here! Space is limited. If you're ready to dive into the program and see the program + the bonus content you'll receive, you can head straight to the join page here (there's a fun explainer video here too).

Cheers to health AND happiness,