#212 Adaptogens and Seasonal Uses With Daniel Moriarty

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Daniel Moriarty has been an herbalist for the past 40 years inspired by his mother a Hungarian herbalist specializing in Woman's health. Later in life Daniel chose the Adaptogenic class of herbs to study because of their broad spectrum of healing properties while being non-toxic to the organs. He was inspired to progress his studies based on a life threatening incident which happened in Jalisco Mexico that really opened his eyes to the healing nature of plants for the people.
In the mid 1970's Daniel was stung on the left shoulder while fast asleep by a venomous scorpion ‘Centruroides Sculpturatus’. He was traveling in Mexico at the time. He awoke instantly in considerable pain, and within minutes was having extreme difficulty breathing, along with uncontrollable salivation and tunnel vision. By chance, a local fisherman was in his camp and immediately recognized the gravity of the situation. He knew of a Huichol native living nearby and went to get him on foot.
After a short while, the Huichol native arrived in the camp with a root that he had picked in the jungle (his “medicine chest”). He made a tea from the root, and instructed Dan to drink it while it was very hot. Upon drinking the tea, Dan was able to breathe freely again within minutes. “I have no doubt that this man and his plant remedy (guaco) saved my life,” Dan swears to this day on his life…. After Dan was quickly nursed back to health from the brink of death, he decided right then and there to devote all his energies into learning about herbs. Dan’s mother's advice to him was to master one herb at a time to gain the wisdom needed to formulate in a balanced manner to have maximum effect.
Daniel has done martial arts for most of his life and is a black belt in Judo and a 2nd black in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and turns out excellent students that have won champion level competitions. He has always used Adaptogenic herbs to heal himself and others.
1. What are adaptogens and why do we need them.
2. Getting the most out of life with adaptogens.
3. Cellular health, the basis for total well being.