Where Do I Start? Paleo Starter Resource Page


Are you new to the Paleo diet or just simply want to figure out what real health is once and for all? Life can feel like this sometimes.

Does your life feel like this? RELAX!

Have you heard the term analysis-paralysis?

It's common among people who feel like they don't have the confidence to try something and just read, read and read with no real attempt or action because of their fears.

I assure you, when it comes to Paleo, nail the basics and read here, here and here. Dig in; we won't bite.

Now that you know where to start with diet, you may need some fitness tips too right?

A well rounded and healthy human doesn't just eat healthy, they think healthy, act healthy and exercise in a healthy manner.

Now that you've gained some diet and exercise tips, it's time to really loosen up. Not just the warm-up that happens before your weight lifting session, but the loosening up that happens after applying this and this article to your life.

Maybe you've already joined the Paleo community and have applied the techniques to your life.

Well, you can become more efficient at Paleo or learn some of the more specific terminology behind the Paleo diet for a refresher course. I get a lot of similar questions, here's 19 answers that should help you too

There are conferences for Paleo people that feature many guest speakers that have changed thousands of lives using the Paleo template for treating and reversing chronic diseases, fatigue and just simply making people feel on top of the world. (I'm one of them. Here's 5 things you'll learn from a Paleo Conference.

But, does health equal happiness? Not always. Why health doesn't always equal happiness.

And for you seasoned veterans that happened to lose their mojo this week, don't give up. Here's5 easy steps to keep your motivation levels high. 

Hopefully you have read these, commented and asked questions on them (biggest importance), and now have the power to conquer anything. Oh, you still don't know if you're ready? Well, here's 3 tips to conquer fear and anything else you may encounter.

You have to be selfish when it comes to your health, no one is coming to save you. Once you accept the fact that the health industry's goal is NOT to help you, you will develop enough courage to heal your entire family.

Wanna know why fast food sucks and why eating less makes you fatter? It's all about hormones.

Bookmark this page, share it with your friends and family. This should be a great "starters kit" to getting on the right track with your health. Don't hesitate to contact me. I'll even do a 30 minute free consultation once you get to that contact page.

Your health improvement journey is not something to just dabble in. True health is not just something where you work out a couple days a week, eat healthy every once and a while and skip a soda at dinner and feel good about yourself. It's more than that. It shouldn't be hard, being healthy is simple. Once you learn, ask questions and interact, I assure you that taking control of your health AND life will impact every facet of it.

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Thank you, now go kick ass!