How the City Life is Wrecking Your Sleep and Making You Fat


Change creates new ideas

Since moving to Austin Texas last summer, I've had a hell of a time.

I've realized that when we actually get up and go for something. The previous fears and ideas that we had in our head melt away. It's important to remember that facing your fears and moving onward with your goals and passions is a necessary step to success.

Do we have enough recipe books?

While the rest of the health community was focused on who could make the prettiest plate of greens and meat, I was talking with some of the world's most leading experts on topics like the sustainability of the US food supply, how Mark Sisson feels about depression and anxiety meds and Dr. Ford's research on gluten's effects on the brain and body.

But, I'm not saying we don't need to make the ultimate food list as fun and exciting as possible so that we don't end up binging on sugar!

Although I've covered how to deal with these deeper emotional eating issues and the 3 step process to beating sugar cravings.

Now, all of the complexities of how our body responds to stress, how the thyroid and adrenals are affected by stress and how to cope with all of this information is a really good topic.

One really important aspect of this whole picture is to prioritize sleep.

If you don't focus on sleep, regardless of how great your diet is or how intense your exercise routine is, you will not get overwhelmingly positive results.

When we don't get good sleep

When we don't sleep deep or long enough, our hormones get thrown off.

Hormones such as cortisol and melatonin operate on a 24 hour circadian cycle.

When we confuse them by using too much artificial light at night, don't get enough bright light exposure in the morning, or we add excess stress to our lives throughout the day, we can throw these off.

Without proper hormone regulation achieved by a consistent sleep routine, environmental and lifestyle habits and a focus on key foods, you will be tired, grumpy and maybe even depressed.

Not to mention, with higher levels of certain hormones and chemicals caused from not enough quality sleep, the ability to burn fat can be almost impossible.

Your body is like a garden

There might be a pretty flower or two that pops up without much work (good days and bad days), but the garden has to have the right conditions to flourish and support a beautiful array of multiple different plants and creatures(positive outlook, healthy skin, happiness, great sex drive).

If we learn to look at our bodies like a temple, we will respect them and cherish them more. 

It's when we beat ourselves up, over-stress, forget to spend time in nature, stay up way too late, drink too much alcohol, eat too much sugar and forget to find something to love that we lose touch with our inner spirit.

If you aren't connected with the person inside of you, what is the person you are portraying on the outside of you?

Are you truly yourself if you don't know yourself?

Spending time with a loved one or alone with a full immersion of birds, trees, water and the sound of wind can be enough to recharge a lost spirit. I've experienced it many, many times. The secret is to just get "lost" in the spirit of nature.

Nature is where everything comes from. 

The highest quality supplement recommendations that are found in my health store are there to support your health and happiness goals. These ingredients are derived from nature. Even though they end up in a capsule, they had to originate in the soil and grew with sunshine, water and passion.

This whole section is just a reminder to enhance your awareness about your direction and connection with nature and life itself.

While others may go down the strangest of paths, if you stay grounded yourself, you'll be fine.

What can good sleep do for you?

In short, a lot. When you sleep good enough to help regulate your hormone levels, your body gets the "go ahead" message and allows the metabolization of fat stores.

When your diet has the right nutrients to allow for serotonin production, melatonin is then able to be synthesized allowing you to have deep and restful sleep.

It doesn't matter if you're in the bed for 8 hours if the quality of those hours are poor.

Start taking action on your sleep environment, lifestyle habits, nutritional requirements and supplement protocols to align sleep. When you fix sleep, you may fix mood issues like depression, irritability and start the fat-burning ignition process. Of course, a good walking routine will just amplify your results here.

However, good sleep can be just as effective for fat-burning as exercise. Diet is also a huge key point.

Where to go from here?

My podcast has been downloaded in over 100 countries across the world, so I figured I HAD to do an audio version as well. That's exactly what I did.

I spent the last couple weeks with a good friend in the recording studio to make sure you were getting the proper amount of value out of my action guide.

REM Rehab teaches you how diet, sleep and lifestyle all play a role in health and fat-burning

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Cheers to better health, deeper sleep and less fat accumulation!