Sleep: The Under-Appreciated Energy Booster & Fat Burner


There are many supplements that can help calm your nerves, give you better sleep or give you energy and focus. These are discussed in my latest book REM Rehab. Energy drink companies rely on people being exhausted from not going to bed at natural times and not getting enough sleep.

Also, these companies prey on people who are suffering from low energy because they are not eating proper energy foods could lead them to drink mass amounts of caffeine, guarana and taurine.

However, the best way I've found to improve energy & focus levels and endurance, as well as be more positive and optimistic towards daily life is to get more sleep.

You are a mammal, like this lady.

Getting more rest is something everyone can benefit from and not everyone can do.

With an over-scheduled society fueled on coffee, it's a wonder we haven't fallen out yet! People need to calm down and slow the hell down.

It's a no brainer that we need more sleep, its just a matter of having time for life. If you are struggling with free time, it may be time to live a more minimal life.

Taking just a 24 minute nap has been shown to make a huge difference in focus and energy levels to finish out the day. I personally try to nap at least twice a week for an hour or less. I can operate at close to 100% energy level throughout the day rather than have dwindling energy levels by the time I eat dinner with the help of a nap.

When the work day is over and I've taken a small energy-boosting nap, I have this endurance and drive to accomplish some of my best work, creating content and podcasts for you and the other readers/listeners. This is when the day job takes the back of my mind and I can tackle my ideas and polish them with a fresh mind-state.

Use this time to use some essential oils to naturally calm your nerves and stress levels before dozing off.

For an easy read of the benefits that I experience as well as the studies say, here you go:

  • Increased creativity - I mentioned before, taking a nap has given me the mental break to tackle some of the hardest ideas for my site. I sometimes wake up and immediately begin writing, this happens a lot in the morning too; probably because I wake up with serenity.
  • Better performance at work - I too get the tired bug in the afternoon, it's natural, but for some reason USA hasn't caught up to the rest of the world when it comes to the sacred siesta time. Maybe one day.. In the meantime, getting a small nap in after work is usually the best time. Try to get a nap in before dinner and your workout. You will have increased endurance and strength at the gym, as well as feel more rested when the morning comes the next day
  • Sleep burns fat! - Ever wake up from a full night of sleep or a nap and you are absolutely starving? Sleep has been proven to increase your metabolism and burn more fat. The myth is that eating and sleeping don't mix and that you will get huge..

Researchers at the University of Chicago found that dieters who were well rested lost more fat -- 56 percent of their weight loss -- than those who were sleep deprived, who lost more muscle mass. Source

  • Sleep reduces depression - Sometimes your body just needs to operate itself. Even though breathing is considered an automatic body action, we tend to override that natural process and tense up our muscles as we take short, rapid breaths. This is due to the stress that builds in the body and creates a negative snowball effect on the body.
  • Sleep feels good - Does everything in the health/fitness world need some special study and source for us to do it? NO, sleep feels good, just do it!

Beyond the stress relieving benefits of sleep, it also has the potential to lower your blood pressure. This makes perfect sense, because yoga, meditation and deep breathing can also lower your blood pressure. Allowing your body to heal itself during sleep with the art of natural deep breathing can act as an aid to almost everything.

The healing process of the body is amazing, sometimes we don't need pills and surgery to fix our brain imbalances and other issues. Just search for stories of people healing themselves with food, even healing themselves of cancer. Rick Simpson, a 70 year old man is curing people that have 24 hours to live with the use of hemp oil. Sound crazy? Yes, but it's real. Look up the story about it and read more about it here.

If you have any questions or special circumstances like dealing with sleep apnea or the like, feel free to submit a question. I will get back to you via email or through the posting of an article (if the question is asked frequently) or feature the question on the podcast.

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