5 Things I'm Proud of In 2012


Since I got home early today, I thought I would share some things that I am proud of in 2012. 

  1. I reached 25,000 people on Facebook this week - If you are reading this and haven't liked my facebook page, that would be very nice. If you want exclusive tips on fitness to your inbox, you can sign up in the green box over there >>
  2. statsI stayed positive and focused on my blessings - We all are faced with many problems; financial insecurity, debt, project deadlines, rude bosses, finding energy and most importantly, finding free time. But, remembering to be grateful for all the things that you currently have should be enough to reduce some stress. It doesn't take long to find someone that is worse off than you. It's sad that some have to look at others misfortunes in life that way to be happy, but it works.

    Go to moodturn.com and listen to the sounds of peace

  3. I simultaneously maintained a full-time job, conquered several college courses with flying colors, grew already amazing relationships with everyone in my life and learned to quit dwelling on the past - My lifestyle is probably not as busy as some of you, but it definitely only leaves about 2-3 hours of free time a day, which can really test your will power and focus. Time management is an increasingly important aspect of life when we live in such a distracting society. Remembering to focus on your goals this week, month and year will ensure success. Taking small steps towards intimidating deadlines or goals is the only way I succeeded.

    Took this pic down in Florida. This is the road to health?

  4. Developed an even stronger love and appreciation for those that want to improve their life - I have received a couple blog comments and about a dozen emails from people thanking me for creating a podcast talk show about health and fitness. It feels amazing to know that I can impact peoples lives in a positive way. You can listen in here, I'm up to 8 episodes now and recently did an interview with Joel Runyon from impossiblehq.com, an online fitness coach. 

    It means a lot!

  5. Made sure to make this post not all about me, because I'm not as awesome as you - You all are the reason I am here. I want to spread the ways that I've achieved happiness in such a crazy world. I am so happy that you are all so responsive and encouraging. We can all grow and share our fitness research, experiments and life lessons with each other and achieve the ultimate snowball effect towards health. If you ever need any advice or have questions on how you can start your day with excitement, get results in the gym, burn some fat and build muscle and create the most delicious smoothie.

 Submit a question here, email me at evan@notjustpaleo.com or leave a comment here or on my facebook page.

Good luck towards achieving anything and everything in 2013, don't wait another day because tomorrow is never guaranteed! You now have the strength and resources to act now and accomplish "it". Now go!!!