Podcast #74 Wendy Myers Interviews Evan Brand on Sleep Troubles, Neurotransmitters and Foods for Sleep


Evan Brand discusses sleep, neurotransmitters and foods required for optimal healthToday's Guest

Evan Brand is the author, blogger and podcast host behind this site. After conquering years of depression, IBS and sleep issues with lifestyle, diet and mindset transformation, he's on the path to creating a wave of change for people fed up with the mainstream prescriptions for health issues by covering any and all topics concerning human health and happiness.

The show

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Today we discuss

  • Why people have sleep problems
  • How artificial light messes up sleep and hormones at night
  • How certain foods create neurotransmitters necessary for sleep
  • How to setup your bedroom for good sleep
  • Why smelly farts are a good sign!
  • More information on REM Rehab

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