Podcast #60 Ben Greenfield on Detox, Ben's Supplements & Why Your Crossfit Exercise May Be Worthless


Today's Guest Ben Greenfield Joins the Not Just Paleo Podcast

Ben Greenfield, Podcast Host, Triathlete and Writer behind Ben Greenfield Fitness joins us.

The Show

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Today we discuss

  • Detox supplements
  • EMF influence
  • Ben's special tool for hacking sleep
  • Are we complicating the health picture?
  • Ben's experience in Hawaii as a Triathlete
  • Structured water filters
  • Why your crossfit exercise may be worthless
  • Ben's new book

Resources Mentioned

Curcumin Capsules

Spirulina & Chlorella

Zapped Book on EMF and Cell Phones

The Body Electric Book

EarthPulse Sleep-on-Command Machine

Omega Supplement

TianChi Complex

Earth Grown Nutrients Greens Powder

Structured Water Filter

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