Podcast #18 Dr. Peter Osborne on Gluten Sensitivity, Can Paleo Heal Your Organs, and his Favorite Exercises

Dr Peter Osborne

Today's Guest

Dr. Peter Osborne is an expert in Orthomolecular and functional medicine. It is the treatment of many conditions through the use of natural supplementation such as vitamins and minerals. 

He has created a website and group called Glutenology and has a website called Gluten Free Society. He has a facebook page for Gluten Free Society.

Most importantly, Dr. Osborne urges everyone to look at the symptoms of Gluten Sensitivity on his site.  if they are unsure about their intolerance of gluten.

The Show

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Today we discuss

  • Gluten sensitivity
  • Dr. Osborne's practice and research about gluten
  • Some of the tips for stress reduction used in his private clinic
  • Dr. Osborne's favorites exercises and why

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