Podcast Episode #17 Food Quality & How Living Healthy Is Simple with Jonathan Bailor

Jonathan Bailor

Today's Guest

Jonathan Bailor is an accomplished entrepreneur and has spoken at large events including speeches for Fortune 50 companies. Jonathan used to be a personal trainer and saw the things that most mainstream fitness and health "experts" were teaching. 

So what does Jonathan do?

He researched over 1000 studies and wrote a book called the Science of Slim. He promotes some interesting ways to achieve optimal health. I'm not an advocate of any particular aspect in the book, but I am 100% on board with eating plenty of whole foods, organic fruits and vegetables and nuts and seeds along with exercise.

What does Jonathan's book teach us?

Mainly that we should all focus on food quality and exercise quality. He talks about why the traditional approach to diet and fitness simply doesn't work. Enough of me! Let's get to the episode.

The Show

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Join Jonathan and I as we have an easy going conversation about important aspects of health and fitness.

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