Podcast Episode #16 Bulletproof Coffee, MCT Oil, Salt and Biohacking with Dave Asprey

Today's Guest

Dave AspreyDave Asprey is most notable for his love of Biohacking. It goes way deeper than I can explain in an introductory paragraph.

Basically, you can change the way you feel, think and act based off the quality of foods in your diet and using high quality ingredients like coffee and salt in your everyday life. There is a huge amount of research and science behind all of these lifestyle changes and their benefits. 

Today we discuss

Join Dave and I on this episode as we talk about the effects of toxins in food, how to make the ultimate bulletproof coffee and the science behind MCT oil and it's function in your health.

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Websites Mentioned:

Dave's Website, Blog, Articles and a bunch of good info. He has a podcast too! Bulletproofexec.com

Dave's Upgraded Chef Book Here

Upgraded Chef: 12 Core Recipes to Supercharge Your Body & Brain

Dave's Better Baby Book The Better Baby Book: How to Have a Healthier, Smarter, Happier Baby

Turmeric Herb Site bcm95.com

Huge PDF Gary Taubes wrote about Salt Here

Grassfed Organic Beef from Alderspring Ranch

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