Podcast #12 with Nutritional Coach Wendy Myers on Estrogen Dominance

Hi everyone! I was very excited to learn more about estrogen dominance. Our society is overrun with estrogen which is weakening our sexual function, causing depression stress and many other negative side effects.  Click here to go to iTunes and listen.

Today's Guest

Wendy Myers

Tune into this episode to learn how this affects men and women, it's occurring in epidemic proportions because of our industrialization, pesticide uses, plastic usage, wearing mainstream clothing and even more.

Today we discuss

  • How diet affects estrogen levels
  • How exercise helps reduce estrogen levels
  • The importance of bone broth
  • The dangers of mainstream detergents, perfume, plastics, fabric softeners, dry cleaners
  • What are your options?
  • The dangers of phtalates. Found in children's toys, every day plastics.
  • How nylon pantyhose and other clothing can negatively affect you
  • Understanding that your skin is the most sensitive organ in the entire body and the importance of protecting it from dangerous substances
  • Treatment options
  • Mainstream doctors health mistakes on this subject


The Great Book of Hemp

Killer Clothes


Pure Encapsulations

Wendy's Health, therapy and consulting site

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