Podcast #10 Featuring Sarah from The Paleo Mom!

Today's Guest

I'm sure you've ran across Sarah Ballantyne from thepaleomom.com, if you haven't, go check her out. Her podcast is very cool, it's called the Paleo View.

The show

Sarah is a P.h.D. scientist by trade and has fallen in love with ancestral eating and primal life. Her website is thepaleomom.com

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On this episode we discuss:

  • Sarah's personal weight loss story
  • Her benefits from yoga
  • The power of positive thought
  • The importance of stress reduction and stress management

While we're on the topic of stress management, you will want to read my article about essential oils, which are plant extracts such as Eucalyptus, Lavender, Rosemary, etc. These oils can be put in an oil warmer and will enable you to melt your stress away. You can put a few drops on your pillow, in the bathtub, and more. There are virtually a thousand ways to use them.

I could talk about how essential oils have improved Sarah and I's personal lives forever, but you should check them out for yourself! I have a link here on Amazon if you'd like to purchase them. Amazon gives me about 50 cents for sending you to them, so thanks for any support! 

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