Podcast #92 Dr. Michael Gunson On NASA's Atmosphere Satellites And Do Cow Farts Affect The Climate?


Dr Michael Gunson on Atmospheric Observations From NASA Satellites Today's Guest

Dr. Michael Gunson is currently the Manager of the Global Change & Energy Program and the Project Scientist for the Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO-2). His research interests have primarily focused on the physical and chemical processes of the Earth's atmosphere using space-based instruments. More information on him and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory here.

The show

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Today we discuss

  • How many  satellites are there in space and how many can fit?
  • There really is space traffic?
  • What is the OCO-2 satellite doing to observe the atmosphere?
  • Places like the Amazon and their value to the planet
  • Do cow farts really contribute to climate change? (hint: it's burps, not farts)

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