Podcast #52 Dr. Jack Kruse on Food Light Cycles, Meditation and Biohacks

Dr. Jack KruseToday's Guest

Dr. Jack Kruse is a Neurosurgeon with his own private practice. He is also the author of a couple different books and has developed many protocols for optimal health such as the Leptin Rx and the Cold Thermogenesis Rx. He can be found at his site at JackKruse.com

The show

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Today we discuss

  • The food and light cycle of the planet and how to eat according to them
  • Why people who have diet in check according to my ultimate food guide still isn't enough
  • How important it is to protect against blue light
  • Jack's personal biohacks and supplement recommendations
  • Evan's upcoming surgery and how to hack the recovery process for the fastest healing
  • Jack's Meditation room and techniques
  • The vibrational energy aspect of human sociology and why it's important to get in the 3-D world away from social media with people

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