Podcast #43 John Brisson, Jason Hooper and Tytus Wilson on Teacher's Viewpoint on Paleo, Probiotics and Bulletproof Foods


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 Today's Guests

Today we have some special guests from Dave Asprey's Bulletproof Executive Community Forum.

The guests on this show are people who are exceptional when it comes to supplemental research and education for those needing specific advice when it comes to digestion, general health and detox.

The Show

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Today we discuss:

  • The transition from Vegan to Paleo
  • Nutrition and the Education system
  • The benefits of music when it comes to brain health
  • Where is the best place to get health information
  • Why consuming too much saturated fat at once is not beneficial
  • SIBO and elimination of butter
  • Why probiotics may make your digestion problems worse
  • What are FODMAP's and how do they play a role in your gut health
  • How berries always prevail as the preferred fruit
  • Biohacking and the dangers associated with electrical currents on the brain
  • The Bulletproof method of eating eggs
  • The Bulletproof Day Diet

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