Podcast #39 with John Brisson on MCT Oil, Paleo for Kids and Why Everyone Needs a CoQ10 supplement

Today's Guest

John Brisson is a passionate digestive health researcher and is also known as the member RonSwanson from Dave Asprey's Bulletproof Forum.

The show

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Today we discuss

  • John's background and interest in health
  • Why MCT oil and digestive enzymes can improve your life
  • How the Paleo and Bulletproof diet helps so many people
  • Why eating healthy can cause diarrhea when switching from a vegan or mainstream diet
  • CoQ10 and why everyone should be taking it
  • John's son and his rare condition which is helped by CoQ10 and MCT Oil
  • Venus fly traps and the beauty of their immune system treating power
  • H. Pylori information and treatment
  • The benefits of avoiding dairy except for grass-fed butter
  • Foods to avoid when dealing with digestive issues

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