Podcast #37 Neurosurgeon Dr. Jack Kruse on Artificial Light, Vitamin A, EMF and Health is Only 10% Diet

Dr. Jack Kruse

Today's Guest

Dr. Jack Kruse is a Neurosurgeon and Optimal Health Educator who writes at JackKruse.com

The Show

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Today we discuss

The topics we discuss today are very important and not talked about anywhere else on the web.

  • Artificial light and it's correlation with inflammation
  • EMF from cell phones, technology and the diseases caused by our modern world
  • Vitamin A and it's importance
  • How to improve your living conditions
  • The turning point in the world that occurred in the year 1900
  • Psychotherapy
  • Why mammograms cause cancer
  • Dr. Kruse supplement recommendations
  • The diet to protect your health

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