Podcast #35 Sean Croxton on Detox, Dark Side of Fat Loss and Sex Life Improvements

Sean Croxton

Today's Guest

Sean Croxton joins the Not Just Paleo Podcast! As a fellow podcast host, these are usually the most enjoyable shows. 

Sean Croxton has a Bachelors degree in Kinesiology and worked as a personal trainer. He's the host of the Underground Wellness Podcast and is making a huge dent in the Paleo community. You need to keep up with Sean, do so at UndergroundWellness.com

The show

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Today we discuss:

  • The dark side of fat loss and why he wrote the book
  • How to start detoxing the body
  • How to increase your oxytocin (love chemical) hormone
  • How to improve your sex life
  • The secret pressure point to increase sex drive immediately
  • The benefits in your sex life of eating asparagus 
  • Why everyone should break out of their unhappiness
  • How to change your mentality on the new way of life with the help of the internet
  • Breaking out of the mainstream ideology for work

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