Podcast #31 Darryl Edwards on Paleo Fitness, Injecting a Childish Mindset to Fitness and How to Start!

Darryl Edwards

Today's Guest

Darryl Edwards is an author and creator of the blog the Fitness Explorer.

Darryl and I met at PaleoFX and talked to each other about the importance of "Paleo Fitness" which incorporates elements of parkour, natural movement and other types of movement much different than your average workout. It's very beneficial to incorporate natural movement for stability, balance, strength and fun.

The Show

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Today we discuss

  • Paleo Fitness
  • Why Fun is necessary for fitness success
  • How incorporating childish thought patterns can improve your personal happiness and fitness
  • How to get started with Fitness. (Hint: Move)

Purchase Darryl Edwards book titled Paleo Fitness on Amazon here! I did a review here.

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