Podcast #28 Wellness FX Testing, Physical Pain and Injuries and How to Work on a Computer and Drive With Great Posture with Anthony Johnson

Anthony Johnson

Today's Guest

Anthony Johnson is the founder of the 21 Convention. Anthony has incredible speakers from across the world come to his convention to talk about exercise, nutrition and all methods of creating a better and happier life.

The Show

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My favorite video was Anthony's post which was a 2 hour film of Mark Sisson and his talk. You can view it here.

Today we discuss

  • WellnessFX Testing and how importance testing is for anyone new to Paleo
  • What is the 21 Convention?
  • Knee Pain and how to deal with it, especially after surgery
  • Exercise to help knee pain
  • Chronic-cardio and the benefits of reducing the amount of cardio
  • How to help and work around injuries
  • How the backs shape has changed over the last few decades
  • How to work on the computer in a healthy way
  • Hacks to maintain proper posture in the car
  • Freeing yourself from chains in life such as debt and loans

Resources Mentioned:

Dr. Kelly Starrett's YouTube account

21 Convention

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