Podcast #27 Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income on How Being Healthy Makes You Money and How Exercise Actually Gives You More Free Time

Pat Flynn

Today's Guest

Pat Flynn is an online entrepreneur who blogs at Smart Passive Income.

Pat is different than most guests we have on the show because he actually doesn't work in any health field. That's what makes this show a blast!

The Show

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Today we discuss:

  • How does business relate to your personal health?
  • How do you eliminate fear of finding a career you enjoy?
  • How small steps apply to business, career choices and your health
  • The ultimate process to eliminating fear by asking yourself a few simple questions including (what is the worst that can happen)
  • How taking the time to do healthy activity actually gives you more time and makes you more productive
  • How to get yourself out of a low point in life
  • How public speaking improves your personal relationships with loved ones
  • How real life experiences dominate the online connections we all rely on now
  • What would you do if technology disappeared tomorrow
  • How the little things can get in the way of your happiness
  • How to break the chains from keeping you free

Resources Discussed:

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