Podcast #174 Evan and Tony Wrighton Discuss Stress and How I Wrecked My Nervous System


Today's podcast is an episode that was originally recorded on Tony Wrighton's Zestology. We discuss stress and how your cortisol rhythm changes throughout the day. Most people think that cortisol is evil and that it's what causes their belly fat and if they can just get rid of their high cortisol, they will feel magical. The truth is that many people have low cortisol when we run an Adrenal Stress Profile test on them and that LOW cortisol is the real issue that causes their symptoms of fatigue.

Initially, people thrive with the onset of stress. The new job or stressful situation such as moving into a new city can cause people to feel alive; temporarily. Eventually the endorphin and cortisol high wears off and people begin to progress into deeper stages of adrenal fatigue.

There are several supplements including Vitamin C Tonic that I use personally and have my clients take to support adrenal and immune health. These are the small baby steps that can tend to push people in the direction of healing.

We also discuss lifestyle measures and how important it is to remove negative people from your life. If you feel drained after spending time with someone, it's not always true, but it could be that this person is toxic to you and that you need to distance yourself from them.

It's hard when the people you love the most are the ones that bring you down, but I encourage you to limit the dosage of negativity you are exposed to from all sources. If you take this one lesson from today's podcast, you will improve your health.

It's not how many things you need in life to bring you up, but rather how many negative sources of energy are bringing you down.

Enjoy this episode and if you are ready to schedule your 15 minute free call with me to discuss your health symptoms and goals, you can do that right here.