Podcast #173 Dr. Justin and Evan Discuss IBS and The Functional Medicine Approach


IBSDr. Justin Marchegiani and Evan join forces to discuss IBS, irritable bowel syndrome, which is a very common and mysterious gastrointestinal issue to the mainstream medical community. We discuss Evan's diagnosis that began his health journey and how he actually naturally fixed this issue. We discuss the enteric nervous system, how your brain and gut help you make decisions about your diet and how you can tune into your gut to get the answers about what foods are good and bad for you.

We discuss the rotation diet, fodmaps, removing grains, decreasing inflammation, and more. When we address the physical stressors such as excessive exercise, we can rule that in or out. When we get to the emotional piece, staying up too late or working night shift could be too much stress on the circadian rhythm.

What about your relationship stress and the amount of toxins that you have in the body. The chemical stressors that can come from low stomach acid, low enzymes, leaky gut, infections, malabsorption create even more problems. Now you don't have healthy magnesium levels for motility and zinc to make HCL and you're lacking in selenium to support the thyroid.

So you see how if you have one problem, the odds of having 2, 3 or 4 problems significantly rises. Crossfit can cause you to suffer if you are overdoing it. If paleo were a miracle cure we wouldn't be in business, so there are other factors that we need to include that tie into your overall health history.

We have to cool off the inflammation, add HCL and enzymes to the picture if you have a healthy gut to begin with. If you get burning in the gut, you'll know that you can't HCL and you may want to try lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.

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Today we discuss

  • Evan's IBS diagnosis and the 3 drugs his mainstream doctor recommended
  • The AIP diet and low FODMAPs for healing IBS
  • Rotation diet and how to apply it
  • How to use HCL

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