Podcast #157 The Root Causes of Anxiety and How To Fix It

Anxiety is a potentially debilitating issue that many people think originates in the brain. There are actually causes within your nutrition plan and lifestyle that can cause anxiety to pop up. Anxiety doesn't usually exist in isolation. Most of the time, my clients begin their health journey with a combination of symptoms such as depression AND anxiety, or fatigue and anxiety. Once you understand some of the underlying causes of anxiety, you can take immediate action to remove the roadblocks to a calm nervous system. We use different strategies with our clients including emotional freedom technique, but also various nutrients in supplemental form to help balance the autonomic nervous system.

Many clients struggle with anxiety because they are "stuck" in the sympathetic mode of their nervous system. The fight-or-flight response is all that they have lived in for days, months or even years and for them to finally engage the rest and digest, parasympathetic mode of their nervous system is a huge sigh of relief and emotion.

It's possible for you to beat anxiety without conventional medicine's approach of drugs that turn you more into a zombie that is dependent on those drugs. GABA agonists such as benzodiazepines down-regulate the amount of GABA over time, leading to dependency and horrible withdrawal symptoms.

Discover in this episode that there are much more natural approaches that actually get to the root cause of anxiety in the first place!

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Today we discuss

  • The causes of anxiety
  • Why anxiety isn't just about the brain
  • What you can do to support a calm nervous system
  • Natural remedies for anxiety

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