Podcast #164 Perfectionist Deception and How To Simply Your Life


Perfectionism is toxic! It causes so many symptoms that many people are unaware of. When you are constantly feeling like you are not good enough or that your efforts towards your life are worthless, it is nearly impossible for you to maintain optimal health. Today I discuss perfectionism and how it relates to your adrenal health. I tell a story about a client who admitted to being a perfectionist and what we found after further testing.

Her adrenal health was not optimal and when we began to address the emotional issue of being OCD, combined with supporting the adrenal fatigue issue using functional medicine, we were able to create significant results.

Also, I discuss the importance of gaining clarity in your environment in the new year. So many people struggle with their goals because they have too much clutter in their office, their homes, their cars, etc.

There is a big difference between being a clean freak that is obsessive, compared to someone that just likes things in order and tries to minimize clutter.

I encourage you to remove the things from your life that you don't absolutely love. If you are looking through your closet and you find dozens of shirts and clothes that you aren't in love with, get rid of them!

My wife and I recently got rid of several bags of clothing that we were holding onto just for comfort. We donated two laptops to Best Buy's electronic recycling department just to clear out some space in our office.

There are many different ways you can apply this method and thought process to your life. Once you begin to reduce the clutter, you will begin to speed the process of healing your mind and body up.

When you enter your home, your office or your car, after it has been cleaned of clutter and anything that doesn't truly belong, you can take a big sigh "ahhh" and feel so much better.

Have a happy new year and let us know what you accomplished!

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